Important information about your visit!
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We are opening the park safely and responsibly

17 June is the season opening of Astrid Lidgren’s World. We are really looking forward to welcoming our guests!

However, as we all know, these are unique circumstances. Opening a park where many people will be moving around requires us to take extra responsibility so we don’t contribute to the spread of the coronavirus.

Nothing is as it was, and as a result this year’s opening will also be different and restricted – at least in the beginning. We will be following the recommendations and guidelines set by the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

Social distancing

The general calls to stay at home if you are ill or have even the mildest symptoms, to wash your hands often and sneeze and cough into the crook of your arm do of course apply to both our guests and staff.

We will be very diligent in ensuring that our guests maintain the recommended social distances. This applies to public places as well as restaurants and shops. The park covers an area of 18 hectares (25 football pitches), so by regulating the total number of guests in the park we will be able to meet the current recommendations and requirements. Should these change, we will of course respond with appropriate measures.

The reality is just like in the books!

Astrid Lindgren’s World is not really one but many worlds in one place. In these living settings, there are up to 50 different performances daily with scenes from the books. What makes the theatre performances special is that the people in the audience are so close to the action and, sometimes, they even end up in it.



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