Simon Small’s house

In Simon Small’s house, all children can experience what it is like to be as small as a pixie. Just do as Bertil did in the story the first time he went down the rat hole to Simon Small’s new home.

How does it feel to be just a hand tall?

Find out here. The furniture, the clothes, the matches, the raisins and meatballs, the cups and the sugar bowl, it’s all huge!

Do you know the secret word?

If you touch the nail at the entrance and say ‘Killevippen’, you will be transformed from normal size to tiny and you will be able to enter.

Visit Nils Karlsson-Pyssling

Nils Karlsson-Pyssling lives in a rat’s nest under the floor, downstairs. There is a sugar bowl to bathe in and a broken toothbrush that you can scrub yourself with. There are also matches to burn in the stove, raisins and a meatball. Outside the house there is large garden furniture.