Questions and answers

Here we have gathered answers to the most frequently asked questions about Astrid Lindgren’s World.

Opening hours

When is the park open?

Astrid Lindgren’s World is open daily from 17 May to 18 August 2024. We are also open some weekends in late summer and during the autumn school holidays. See our seasons, opening hours and programmes below.

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Tickets and prices

What does a visit to Astrid Lindgren’s World cost?

Admission prices vary depending on the season you want to visit us. Here you can find information about entrance tickets and annual passes.

Do I need to purchase tickets in advance?

No, there are ticket offices at the entrance that are available during the park opening hours. However, to give you more time to discover the park, we recommend purchasing your entrance and parking tickets in advance.

Advance tickets

Do I need to prebook tickets if I have an annual pass?

No, you do not need to prebook. Your annual pass acts as a ticket that you can show at the entrance to enter the park.

Do I have to buy a separate ticket or pay extra for the performances?

No, all the theatre performances at Astrid Lindgren’s World are included in the admission price.

I am a personal carer; how much is admission?

We offer free admission for personal carers. Read more about how to get a ticket as a personal carer here.

Can tickets sell out?

The number of tickets sold per day is not limited. The park is large, 180,000 m2, or more than 22 football pitches, so we do no limit the number of tickets we sell per day.

How much does it cost to park?

The car park is adjacent to the entrance and costs SEK 65/day.

If you need to charge your electric car, we also have 41 e-charging points. These spaces cannot be booked in advance and you must pay for charging yourself.

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Can I buy gift vouchers?

Yes, gift vouchers are sold in the Astrid Lindgren online shop.

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Services and accessibility

Is the entire park accessible to wheelchair users?

Almost the entire park is accessible to wheelchair users. See more information in our accessibility information.

What are the rules for personal carers?

We offer free entry for personal carers. Read more about how it works in our accessibility information.

What are the rules about pushchairs?

While the park is for children, there are some minor exceptions. You cannot bring a pushchair to our theatre performances or restaurants for safety reasons. We therefore have spaces just outside the theatres and restaurants where you can leave pushchairs.

Can I hire a cart?

Yes, carts are available for hire inside the entrance gates for SEK 75/day. These cannot be pre-booked. For safety reasons, you cannot bring carts into the theatre environments. We therefore have spaces just outside the theatres where you can leave carts.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, dogs are welcome in the park. However, to accommodate allergy sufferers, dogs are not allowed in the buildings or on our outdoor restaurant and café seating areas. Many of our performances involve animals, so we ask visitors with dogs to sit in the upper half of the auditorium. Water bowls are available in several locations around the park.


When and where do the performances take place?

During the summer season, there are about 30 performances every day.

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How long are the performances?

Each performance is 20-30 minutes long and when the show is over you can jump in and play in the setting that was a stage just moments ago.

Are any performances translated into other languages?

All the shows in the park are performed in Swedish only. Most of the stories performed are well known by children, so language is rarely a barrier. Most performances also include music, song and dance.

Since all performances are outdoors, what happens if the weather is bad?

In the case of heavy rain or other severe weather, some performances may be postponed until the weather clears, and exceptionally may be cancelled. Should it start raining during a performance, we ask you not to unfold your umbrella as it obscures the view for other visitors. Of course, you can always meet the various characters at the scheduled times. Sometimes, in the case of persistent rain, the characters may move indoors.

Food and drink

Can I bring my own food to the park?

Yes, of course, and there are plenty of picnic spots. We can particularly recommend the Birch Trees, below The Tiny, Tiny Town, and the Picnic Trail.

Are there barbecue areas?

Yes, there are proper barbecue areas outside Wild Rose Valley, in the Birch Trees and at the Mill. Each barbecue area has charcoal and lighter fluid available.

Do you offer vegan and vegetarian food?

Yes, if you’re a vegetarian or vegan, there’s plenty to choose from.

Read more about our green options.

Do you offer gluten-free food?

Yes, all our restaurants and cafés serve food options suitable for allergy sufferers. Please ask our staff.

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Can I camp in a tent?

Sorry, unfortunately not.

Are pets allowed in the cottages and houses?

Yes, pets are welcome in most of our cottage and house types.

How do I find the accommodation and reception?

First follow the road signs to Astrid Lindgren’s World. On arrival, you will see the accommodation on the right side. From there follow the signs with the house symbol.

What is the cancellation policy for the different types of accommodation?

Our cancellation policy for cottages and houses can be found here.

Our cancellation policy for pitches can be found here.

Other questions

Can I leave the park and come back in?

Absolutely, speak to one of our entrance attendants before you leave and they will help you with a re-entry ticket.

Is there luggage storage?

Yes, luggage can be left just inside the entrance. There is a manned storage area for luggage and valuables.

Is there a swimming area?

No, there is no sandy beach, but there are many places where children can play with water – to cool off in the summer heat!

Are there play areas in the park?

Yes, play is the fundamental purpose of Astrid Lindgren’s World. There are plenty of places for both adults and children to play to their heart’s content. Can you think of more fun places to play than Villa Villekulla, Mattis Castle or among the Ancient Mountains? There are also places designed solely for play, such as Noisy Village, Simon Small’s House and the play barn in Katthult, for example.

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