Our green options

If you eat vegetarian or vegan, you have a lot to choose from, in Astrid Lindgren’s World there is everything from vegetarian pytt i panna, lovely summer salads to vegan sausages with mashed potatoes or bread.

Menu 2023

Handmade potato cakes with mushrooms, leek, black cabbage, apple and uncooked lingonberry jam (Hamnmagasinet) Vegan

Stadsmästargården’s plant-based steaks (with gluten-free oat mince) with onion gravy, roasted potatoes from Aby and uncooked lingonberry jam (Stadsmästargården) Vegan

Roasted pointed white cabbage with carrot puree, green lentils, spinach, browned butter and salt-roasted seeds (Stadsmästargården evening) Vegetarian

Roasted pointed white cabbage with vegan carrot puree, green lentils, spinach and salt-roasted seeds (Stadsmästargården evening) Vegan

Bysalen’s hash with diced halloumi from Najas dairy and potatoes from Aby with fried egg, pickled beets and mustard cream (Bysalen) Vegetarian

Garden salad with green pea patties, pickled cauliflower, lentils, baked vine tomatoes and creamy herb dressing. Vegan

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