Space for play

If there was one thing Astrid Lindgren loved, it was play and imagination. At Astrid Lindgren’s World, there is plenty of space for free play, such as Noisy Village and the Play Barn in Katthult, the don’t-touch-the-ground course, the Mill, Mattis Forest and Little Troublemaker Street. And can you imagine more fun places to play than Pippi Longstocking’s Villa Villekulla or the deep passages under Mattis Castle? Outside of the scheduled performances, you are free to play in all our settings.

Villa Villekulla

Here in Villa Villekulla, on the outskirts of the Tiny, Tiny Town lives Pippi Longstocking.


In the middle of the forest, not far from Mattisborgen, is a delapidated mill.

Troublemaker Street

Lotta lives in a yellow house on Troublemaker Street with her mum and dad and her older brother and sister.

The Tiny, Tiny Town

This is what Vimmerby would have looked like at the beginning of the century as Astrid Lindgren was growing up.

The Birch Trees

Here you can have a go at the don’t-touch-the-ground course or compete with hobby horses.

Simon Small’s house

Here everyone can experience what it’s like to be as small as a pixie.

Rasmus’ barn

It was in this little hay barn that Rasmus slept on that June night he ran away from the orphanage.

Play barn

Right next to Katthult is an old turn-of-the-century barn, made just for play.

Noisy Village

The three houses are built on a child-friendly scale, and inside you can listen to audio recordings from the films.

Mattis Forest

Mattis Forest is a place full of strange creatures and fascinating things to discover.


This is where Emil lives with his father Anton, his mother Alma and his little sister Ida.

Karlsson’s roof

Here in Vasatan, on a very ordinary street in a very ordinary house lives Smidge with his very ordinary family.


This is where Madicken and Lisbet live with their mum and dad and the house maid, the wonderful Alva.

Cherry Tree Valley and Wild Rose Valley

In Nangijala there are two green valleys, Cherry Tree Valley and Wild Rose Valley.

Brenda Brave’s grandmother’s house

Brenda lives with her grandmother in a small house on a hilly cobbled street in the poorest part of town.