Cherry Tree Valley and Wild Rose Valley

In Nangijala there are two green valleys, Cherry Valley and Wild Rose Valley. Here you can meet the Brothers Lionheart, look into their house or sit on the slope of Wild Rose Valley and watch the performance of the battle against Tengil and Katla. You’ll also get to shoot a bow and arrow and, if you dare to look, see the dragon Katla in real life. You might want to remember the secret password: ‘All power to Tengil, our saviour’.

Cherry Tree Valley

In the beautiful Cherry Tree Valley, you can visit the Guldtuppen inn, Tulipagården and Ryttargården, where the brothers Jonathan and Karl Lionheart live. Sit down and fish by the stone bridge, or try your hand at shooting a bow and arrow.

Wild Rose Valley

In the walled-off Wild Rose Valley, you will find a small town with alleyways and elaborately decorated houses. If you’re brave enough to try and outwit Tengil’s soldiers, you can find adventures here from morning to night, side by side with Crusty, Jonathan, Sofia, Mattias and the others.

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