The Brothers Lionheart

“You know Crusty, I don’t think it’s so bad,” Jonathan says to his little brother who is sick, sad and scared at home on the kitchen sofa. “I think you’ll have a great time.” And so Jonathan tells him the story of Nangijala, a land on the other side of the stars, where it is still the time of fairy tales and campfires and where you can take part in adventures from morning to evening.

“See you in Nangijala!”

The white dove brought this message to Crusty from Jonathan, who had already arrived on the other side of death in the time of fairy tales and campfires. In Nangijala there are two valleys, Cherry Tree Valley and Wild Rose Valley. Here you will encounter good and evil. If you want to help Jonathan and Crusty in the fight against Tengil and his soldiers, you must first enter Wild Rose Valley, where Tengil’s men guard the gate. If you know the password there will be no problem. Otherwise, Jonathan Lionheart will surely come and whisper it in your ear.

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Cherry Tree Valley

Cherry Tree Valley is a wonderful valley of eternal spring, with lush meadows, fish and cherry blossom orchards. But the tyrant Tengil, who oppresses the people of Wild Rose Valley, casts a long shadow over Cherry Tree Valley. Performances are held here daily. In between performances you can explore the area on your own.

Wild Rose Valley

‘The Day of Battle’ is one of the performances held here, a longer performance in which Crusty, Jonathan and the people of Wild Rose Valley must free the valley from Tengil and his ancient monster Katla, who fills the people with fear. Between the performances, you are free to look into all the houses, climb in the Ancient Mountains and sneak around with Crusty, Jonathan and the others.

“Jonathan told me how there are things you have to do, even if they are dangerous. ‘Why is that?’ I asked. ‘Because if you don’t you are not a human being, you’re nothing but a little louse,’ Jonathan replied.”

From The Brothers Lionheart