Accessibility is about making everyone feel welcome and giving everyone a great experience during their visit. We strive to accommodate as many people as possible and want to provide a good service. Therefore, we are constantly working to make things easier for guests with disabilities. For a few days a year, we also offer sign language interpretation.

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From an accessibility perspective, the site has a number of challenging environments. The park is partly hilly, with some areas paved with cobblestones. It is about 1,700 metres around the entire park if you follow the main trail.

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Good to know

Visual and hearing aids
Are you visually or hearing impaired? We endeavour to make our performances accessible to all. Hearing loops can be borrowed free and are available to book and collect from Guest Services.

If you are visually impaired, it is possible to be seated closer to the front at our performances. Certificates for priority seating can be obtained from Guest Services in the entrance area.
Guide dogs are welcome. Please note that some performances feature animals and loud noises.

For a few days each year, we also offer sign language interpretation.

Adapted toilets for guests with disabilities are available at the following locations in the park:

A. Larsson’s Bakery
Logen’s Food Café
The Waffle House
Wild Rose Valley
Mattis Forest
Villa Villekulla

Carers or personal assistants A carer or assistant to a guest with a visible or hidden disability can obtain free entry to the park upon presentation of a carer/assistant certificate. The carer will be granted free admission upon presentation of a certificate confirming the need for a carer/extra support. The certificate must state the need for a carer/extra support; just proof of a medical diagnosis is not valid. Approved certificates are issued by health care providers, assistance companies or municipalities.

The certificate must be presented at the ticket office when you arrive at the park, where you can also collect the carer’s ticket. If more than one carer is needed, evidence of this must be presented.

We offer a limited number of wheelchairs that our guests are welcome to borrow at no extra charge during the day. Wheelchairs are available from Guest Service. It is possible to pre-book a wheelchair for your visit.

Wheelchair spaces
For most of our performances there are a limited number of specially designated spaces for wheelchair users. Please arrive to the performances in good time so our staff have time to help you find a good place.

Assistance vehicles
Vehicles such as bicycles, electric scooters and kickbikes are not permitted in Astrid Lindgren’s World. If you require the assistance of a vehicle other than a wheelchair or Permobil during your visit, it needs to be documented with a certificate from the health service. We are happy to receive the certificate by email in advance. No vehicles other than wheelchairs and Permobils are permitted without a certificate.

Visiting the park with special assistance vehicles
The park has some hilly terrain and some areas are difficult to navigate. Assistance vehicles must be driven at walking speed and with great care. We do not guarantee spaces at our performances. Pushchairs and other vehicles are not allowed in our audience seating during performances for any reason. If you can walk short distances, we recommend that you park your pushchair or assistance vehicle in the parking area and sit in the regular seats during our performances. Assistance vehicles are not permitted in our restaurants..

All restaurants are accessible for wheelchair users. Do you have food allergies? We cook food to suit the vast majority of our visitors and choose the ingredients we use with that in mind. It is important that all guests feel welcome at Astrid Lindgren’s World and therefore the options for those with allergies are constantly being expanded at our various outlets.

Guide dog(s)
You are welcome to bring guide dogs and service and signalling dogs into our restaurants/outdoor serving areas after informing our staff. Please note that some of the performances feature animals and loud noises.


Please contact us if you have any questions about Astrid Lindgren’s World or our guest accommodation.


Phone number: 0492 798 00