Mattis Forest

Mattis Forest is a place full of strange creatures and fascinating things to discover. It is home to rump-goblins, gray dwarves and murktrolls. On the path from the Wolf’s Neck towards the fort, you can experience the mysterious forest up close. You might catch a glimpse of the glowing eyes of the gray dwarves through the mist or hear the strange enticing calls from underground creatures. And if you look really closely, you can probably see the entrance to one or two small rump-goblin nests. Where the path ends, you’re free to explore the forest on your own, with all its hiding places, ruins and other secrets.

Mattis Castle

Explore all the secret passages of Mattis Castle, the fort that split in half the night Ronja was born. This is what created Hell’s Mouth, which you can jump over if you dare. You can climb up the highest towers or down the deep tunnels under the fort. You can also try out Noodle Pete’s bed and find out what it’s like to be a prisoner in the robbers’ dungeon.

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