Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter

On the night of Ronja’s birth, lightning strikes Mattis Castle and with a crack it splits in half. This is how Hell’s Mouth is created. In the northern half of the castle, another band of robbers moves in, led by the Mattis’ arch-enemy Borka. He brings with him his son Birk, who was also born on that stormy night… From here a Romeo-and-Juliet tale unfolds about Ronja and Birk and what it is like to discover the outside world, against the backdrop of the wonders and dangers of untamed nature.

Meeting a real-life robber

“Welcome to Mattis Castle, you didn’t meet any gray dwarves on the way here, did you?” When Mattis, a real-life robber chief, stands before you, something amazing usually happens. Sure, you might be a little shy at first, but that quickly fades. The same goes for meeting Ronja, Birk or Noodle Pete. Here you can ask questions about the life of a robber that can’t be asked anywhere else.

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Mattis Castle

You can meet many of the characters you know from the book and film about Ronja, both during and between the theatre performances. If everyone is out in the forest on a raid, you can take the opportunity to explore Mattis Castle and its surroundings on your own. What does it look like in Noodle Pete’s tower room? Or in the dungeons under the huge fort? Do you dare to jump over Hell’s Mouth?

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“Don’t be afraid, Birk,” said Ronja “Here comes my spring shout!” And she cried, shrill as a bird, a cry of joy so that it could be heard far away in the forest.”

From Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter