Troublemaker Street

Maybe you’ve seen the films about Lotta? And maybe you think when you walk around here that everything looks familiar? Well, this is exactly what it looked like, the films were shot on this very street in the early 90s. Here you can go into the gardens, see inside the houses and look around and play. However, you can’t meet Lotta, Aunt Berg or any of the other characters.

Lotta’s house

Lotta lives in this house with her older brother Jonas and older sister Mia-Maria. She learnt to ride a bike on the street outside. And here she decorated the whole garden with chocolate gnomes and marzipan pigs from Vasily’s sweet shop one Easter Eve morning when the Easter Bunny didn’t come. It was outside Blomgren’s petrol station over on the corner that she found the Christmas tree that had fallen off a truck, on that sad day when her dad came home and said that all the trees in town were sold out.

Aunt Berg’s house

This is where Aunt Berg lives. Lotta often visits her and crawls under the fence through the hole that Aunt Berg’s dog Skotty dug. Aunt Berg is so kind and Lotta, Jonas and Mia-Maria usually get to look at all her treasures in the cabinet. When Lotta became terribly angry, as she sometimes does, and left home, she moved into Aunt Berg’s storage loft at the back of the house.

Little Troublemaker Street

At Astrid Lindgren’s World you will also find Little Troublemaker Street. This is a place for play. Here you will find Lotta’s and Aunt Berg’s houses, which you can furnish by moving the different items in the houses around, or you can visit a small version of A. Larsson’s bakery.