Play barn area

Right next to Emil’s Katthult is an area for play. In the smaller barn next door you can jump in the hay and there is a field where you can plough and harrow. All the animals from Emil’s farm are here, carved in wood – sheep, goats, chickens, cows and even Lukas the horse with his cart. There’s a well where you can draw water for the pigs and you can even try your hand at milking a cow. Right next door is a paddock, with real goats that you can pet.

Here you can play and play

When the café is open you can discover a old turn-of-the-century barn, made just for play. Inside you’ll find a small toy shop, a junk attic with clothes for dressing up, secret passages and lots of old farm equipment. And if you think stairs are boring, you can take the slide from the second floor out into the courtyard instead.