Karlsson on the Roof

Karlsson is a plump man in his prime. He is also a rather insufferable and cheeky person who eats all the sweets by himself and likes to ‘tirritate’ people. Karlsson lives on the roof above Smidge and his family and can fly with the help of a propeller on his back. No one knows this except Smidge. His mum, dad and older siblings insist he’s make-believe. “They can be make-believe themselves,” snorts Karlsson.

Tirriate or be tirritated

Come and visit Karlsson in his little yellow house on the roof. Karlsson is best at everything, at least according to him, and he likes to tell everyone. But there is one thing that he really is good at, and that is to tirritate, as well as being a good playmate, both to Smidge and all the other children who visit him.

Karlsson’s roof

Step right into the story

Here you can meet many of the characters you know from the books and films about Smidge and Karlsson on the Roof: Miss Bock, Uncle Julius, Fille, Rulle Karlsson and of course Smidge. Between performances you can meet the characters, tirritate and play on the slide. This year, all the theatre performances with Karlsson will be performed on the Small Stage. But you are free to play and use the slide in Karlsson’s house when it is empty.

“I’m a handsome, thoroughly clever, perfectly plump man in my prime.”

Karlsson about himself in Karlsson on the Roof