Mardie lives in a large, red house called Junedale with her mother, father and little sister Lisbet. Right next door is the small farm Lugnet, where the Nilsson family lives. Most importantly, it’s where Abbe lives. Mardie likes him very much. When Abbe is in the kitchen baking pretzels, Mardie usually climbs up on to the roof of the woodshed where she can watch him. Mardie also gets up to plenty of mischief, just like Lisbet.

Antics and games

“You’re out of your mind, Mardie,” said her little sister. “You always have been.” Those passing by Junedale can choose to join in with Mardie’s various antics, or not of course. She has a big heart, Mardie. But she can’t stand injustice or cruel people.

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During our summer season, you can see three performances a day featuring Mardie and all the other characters from Junedale. In between you can meet Mardie, Lisbet and Abbe and play with them.

“Mama, what would you like best of all?” “Two really good, sweet girls”, said Mama. Mardie’s eyes turned shiny and her voice trembled a little. “But what would you do with Lisbet and me?”

From Mardie