Rasmus and the Vagabond

When Rasmus escapes from the orphanage, he sets out on the road to find a new home. In a little grey hay barn in the middle of a summer meadow, he meets Paradise-Oskar, a good-natured vagabond who is out walking with his accordion. Rasmus joins him to search for a mother and father of his own. Surely there must be someone who wants a boy with straight, tousled hair?

Listen for the accordion!

Rasmus and Oskar have their own place by the little hay barn, but since Paradise-Oskar at least has vagabond blood, you can expect them to show up here and there in the park. If you want to find out where they are, the best tip is to listen out for the accordion. You can never go wrong with a little music and singing.

Rasmus’ barn

In Rasmus’ barn, anyone who wants to can try jumping in the hayloft. Here they also put on a show from time to time. Otherwise, the best place to meet them is near the The Tiny, Tiny Town.

Rasmus’ barn

“Then Rasmus realised what it meant to be a vagabond. In a single dazzling moment he discovered the wonder of this new life. You could do exactly what you wanted. You could eat and sleep and walk on whim. You were free, as blessedly free as a bird in the forest.”

From Rasmus and the Vagabond