Information about our allergy alternatives and how we work with special diets

We try to prepare food to suit the vast majority of our visitors and choose ingredients in view of this.

When we need to consider intolerances or allergies, we try to offer good alternatives.

Our staff are knowledgeable about different allergies/intolerances and are happy to explain how you can combine dishes so you and your children are happy and full.

It’s easy to change part of a dish so it suits you better, for example changing mashed potatoes for boiled potatoes and taking gravy instead of cream sauce. We thicken our sauces with cornflour so they are gluten-free. Our meatballs and sausages only contain pork and beef, grated potato, onion and spices, except for one slim fried sausage that contains cheese.

At, A.Larssons pannkakor, where we serve a pancake buffet, there are gluten-free pancakes and pancakes without milk.  The waffle house has a ‘waffle without everything’ that we make from pure oat milk, vegetarian margarine and cornflour.



Our ice cream kiosks sell gluten-free ice cream cones and lactose-free ice cream as well as milk-free sorbet.

Our cafés have several different gluten-free sandwiches and cakes to choose from.

Breakfast at Majkens Mat, for our guests at our accommodation facility, includes several different lactose-free dairy products, soy yoghurt, oat products, milk-free margarine and, of course, gluten-free bread and cereal.

Vegetarian/vegan dishes on the menus include, for example, vegetarian cabbage pudding, vegetarian potato dumplings and potato pancakes, without eggs and milk. You can of course also put together a plate of salad and vegetables.

There are clear lists of ingredients on everything we sell, and the staff are happy to show and tell you about the alternatives we offer.


If you have any questions or wonder about anything, please contact me!

Kind regards
Sofia Jedebäck

Tfn: +46 (0)492-564658