At the edge of the forest, in connection to the Tiny Town, is an area with cottages. Here, you can stay in a Granstugan cottage or an Ekebostugan cottage, our slightly smaller accommodation options. They sleep 4 + 1 persons in 16 sq. m and are equipped with a sleeping area, a kitchenette and a private bathroom with a shower. Both cottage types have their own furnished patios.

Type of accommodation

There are 53 cottages of 16 sq. m complete with a kitchen area and private bathroom with a toilet and shower.

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A place to play

Scattered among the farms and cottages are opportunities for many different types of play. There are boats to climb and slide on and wooden animals to ride and feed, or maybe you want to dress up in the period costumes that hang in the town hall? Take the opportunity to explore the area to find a game that’s right for you, which you can play freely without the disturbance of cars and other hazards.

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