Entrance tickets

If you have booked entrance tickets to Astrid Lindgren’s World, you will receive them by email when your booking is fully paid. Print them out and take them to the park or show them at the entrance on your phone. The tickets are registered on the day of arrival, but you can choose which day you visit the park during your stay. Multi-day tickets are valid from the first day of your visit and for the subsequent day(s).

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New entrance for those staying in a house or cottage

From summer 2024, in addition to our main entrance, we will offer a separate entrance especially for those staying in our houses and cottages. If you book your entrance tickets as an option in your accommodation booking, you will have access to the entrance directly adjacent to The Tiny Town.
Those with other entrance tickets are required to use the main entrance.

Discounted entry to Astrid Lindgren’s Näs

Anyone who books accommodation or an entrance ticket for Astrid Lindgren’s World will receive a discount on their entrance ticket to Astrid Lindgren’s Näs.

If you have not already booked entrance tickets, or an accommodation package that includes entrance tickets, to Astrid Lindgren’s World, you can still get a 25% discount on your entrance ticket to Astrid Lindgren’s Näs upon presentation of your entrance ticket to Astrid Lindgren’s World.

This offer is valid from 17 May to 22 September 2024.