About Astrid Lindgren’s World

At Astrid Lindgren’s World, Katthult, Villa Villekulla, Mattis Castle and Troublemaker Street are all real. Here you can meet Emil, Pippi, Ronja and most of the other characters from Astrid Lindgren’s stories. The theme park, founded in 1981, is located in Astrid Lindgren’s birthplace, Vimmerby, not far from her parents’ home Näs. Every year about 500,000 visitors come to Astrid Lindgren’s World – where stories come to life.

Welcome to the stories

It is more than 40 years since the construction of Astrid Lindgren’s World began. Over the years, interest in the park has grown. So has the joy of play among our guests and the interest in Astrid Lindgren’s stories. ‘Playfulness’ and ‘Astrid Lindgren’ are closely associated with each other. Astrid Lindgren supported the work on the park on the condition that children there would be free to be children, play in the traditional way and meet the people and settings found in her books – without being influenced by the commercial interests of the adult world.

Our ambition is for everything you encounter in the park to be faithful to her stories. With the help of a programme committee, consisting of Astrid Lindgren’s family and close friends, we make the places, events, atmosphere, songs, food, adventures and all the people Astrid Lindgren wrote about a reality. In this way, visitors can be sure that the spirit of Astrid Lindgren is present in everything that happens in the park and that her stories always come first. Just as it should be.

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