Here you can play and play

If there was one thing Astrid Lindgren cared deeply about, it was children’s right to be children. That’s why we take play very seriously. You can play everywhere here, adults and children. As well as the exciting story settings, which you are free to explore in your own time, there are lots of places made just for play, outdoors and under cover.

The Birch Trees

Here you can challenge each other’s courage and balance on our don’t-touch-the-ground course, or build an obstacle course and compete on hobbyhorses. The green areas offer different types of play for all ages, including water play, rocking horses, stilts and a maze for those who like a challenge.

The Play Barn

Opening hours:
Friday-Sunday, 11: 00-16: 30.

Large assortment of cakes and snacks as well as freshly brewed coffee in a playful and lovely environment for both young and old. Inside the barn there is a slide, junk attic, secret passages and old farm objects. Here you can play shop, look after the wooden animals or explore the attic. There is also a well where you can get water for the wooden pigs and a small field on which you can plough and harrow together.

The Mill

Here you can play with water in all its forms, climb on wheels, roofs and scramble nets or go down the slide. The Mill is a place for imaginative play as well as relaxation.

Matt’s Forest

Matt’s Forest is full of strange creatures and exciting play. Part of Matt’s Forests is a mystical trail on which you can experience the forest close up. You may see glowing eyes of different creatures and witchery through the fog. Where the path ends, you are free to make your own way in the forest and discover ruins, hiding places and lots of other things.