Mio, My Son


Bo Vilhelm Olsson, or Bosse as he is known, is sitting on a park bench in Tegnérlunden. He doesn’t want to go home to Aunt Edla and Uncle Sixten who he lives with, they just scold him and think he laughs too loudly. Bosse constantly wonders where his real father is; he has never met him. Then suddenly he sees a bottle, and inside the bottle is a genie that wishes to be released. When Bosse lets the genie out, it takes him to the Island of Green Meadows, where Bosse becomes Prince Mio and finally gets to meet his father the King. But Prince Mio must also fight the evil knight Kato and save all the enchanted birds so they can become children again. Jum-Jum, Mio’s friend, accompanies him on the dangerous journey to the Land that Lies Beyond.

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