The tiny, tiny town

Astrid Lindgren grew up in the outskirts of Vimmerby. The settings of several of her stories, and the homes of a number of characters in her books, are based on the town of her childhood.

Brenda Brave sold her grandma’s rock candy in the market square of the little, little town, and Kalle Blomkvist and his gang sneaked around the alleyways of Båtsmansbacken. Anyone who really likes sweets will be pleased to hear that the shop where Pippi bought 18 kilograms of candy is still stocked full of lollipops and candy, and that it is open every day.


The little, little town is a pint-sized Vimmerby. A comparison between it and present-day Vimmerby shows that the town has remained virtually unchanged since the days of Astrid Lindgren’s childhood almost 100 years ago.

Save the Children and SOS Children’s Villages – two of the aid organisations that we cooperate with, are represented in The Tiny, Tiny Town, next to the town square. Inside each of their houses you can read about how they work in different ways to help vulnerable children. There is also information here about ways you can support them in their work.

In the SOS Children’s Villages house there is also a very nice replica of the first ever Astrid Lindgren Children’s Village built in Bouar in the Central African Republic, as a result of funds raised through a collection during the centenary celebrations of Astrid Lindgren’s birth. In the same house there is also a presentation of the next project we are doing together – SOS Bullerbyn – a new children’s village in Bossangoa, also in CAR.

To find out more about SOS Children’s Villages and Save the Children as well as information on how you can support them, please visit their websites.