Västervik Resort

Only 50 kilometers from Astrid Lindgren’s world on the coast you will find Västervik Resort. With us you wake up to pine scent and wave clocks and can swim and fish as soon as the spirit falls on. Cabins, camping sites, villa wagons and hostel rooms boast a beautiful archipelago environment with both sea and forest around the knot.

Activate yourself with Lysses kids club, foot golf, golf, air cushion country, kayak, adventure mountains, zipline and much more. With us you never go idle and you can expect extra everything!


If you want to experience a tantalizing bathing experience, Upplevelsebadet offers a cool environment with slides, hot springs, climbing walls, stream channel and a mini pool for the very least in the family. For those who want to recuperate and just enjoy, relax with a Turkish haman, Roman bath and several different types of sauna both indoors and outdoors all in a lovely Mediterranean climate. Our fresh restaurants offer everything from Swedish summer classics to Mediterranean favorites and you enjoy your food in fantastic environments like the thoughts of Italy and Spain in the middle of Småland’s fauna.

Västervik Resort- holiday for real!


Västervik Resort AB
593 53 Västervik
+46 (0)490-258 000