Karlsson on the roof

According to Karlsson, he is a handsome, thoroughly clever and suitably portly man in his prime. With the propeller on his back he flies around over Vasastan in Stockholm and lands in his own messy little house on the roof of an ordinary block of flats where the very ordinary Lillebror lives with his very ordinary family. Karlsson is an insufferable and cheeky person who eats all the sweets himself and likes to ‘tirritate’ people. Lillebror loves him despite this and despite his mother, father and older siblings insisting that he has made him up. “They can be made up themselves,” snorts Karlsson.


Tirritating with Karlsson and Lillebror

Lillebror and his family live in Vasastan. So does Miss Bock who looks after him, and up on the roof in a small yellow house that’s where Karlsson on the roof lives. If you want and dare you can climb up and see how he lives. And if you are really brave and want to find out what it feels like to fly like Karlsson on the roof you can go down the slide all the way to the street again. At Karlsson on the roof you can see theatre performances from the start of the season, and between the performances you can meet them all, and tirritate, cogitate and calculate with Karlsson and Lillebror in the kitchen in Vasastan.

‘It’s got to go bang and it has to be fun, otherwise I won’t come!’

Karlsson, from The World’s Best Karlsson

Shows with Karlsson on the roof

You can read more about Lillebror and Karlsson in the books Smidge and Karlson on the Roof (1955), Karlson flies again (1962) and The world’s best Karlson (1968)


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