Step right into the stories

Be here when That Emil hoists little Ida up the flagpole, play tag with Pippi Longstocking or explore Matt’s Fort. Here, you and your family become part of the classic stories, and the line between story and reality, and between theatre and play, is always blurred. Here, Astrid Lindgren’s stories come to life.

Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking lives in Villekulla Cottage on the outskirts of The Tiny Town. She lives here all by herself. Well, maybe not all by herself, if you want to be pedantic. Her horse also lives here. And then she has a monkey called Mr Nilsson. Pippi’s friends are called Tommy and Annika and they often visit and play at her house.

That Emil

Emil and his father who is called Anton, his mother who is called Alma and his little sister Ida live here in Katthult. The farmhand Alfred lives in the farmhand’s room and the maid Lina sleeps in the blue pull-out sofa in the kitchen. And lots of cows, horses, pigs and hens also live here of course.

Ronja the robber’s daughter

On the night Ronja was born there was thunder over the mountains, and lightning struck and split the ancient Matt’s Fort in two. This is where Ronja grows up with Lovis, Matt and their 12 robbers. And she gradually discovers the world outside, which is full of wonders but also dangers.

The Brothers Lionheart

Skorpan is ill and lying on the kitchen sofa at home, sad and scared because he is soon going to die. And then Jonathan tells him about Nangijala, a land on the other side of the stars which is still the time of stories and campfires where you can experience adventures from morning to evening and at night too.

Karlsson on the roof

According to Karlsson, he is a handsome, thoroughly clever and suitably portly man in his prime. With the propeller on his back he flies around over Vasastan in Stockholm and lands in his own messy little house on the roof of an ordinary block of flats where the very ordinary Lillebror lives with his very ordinary family.


Mardie lives here in Junedale, in the red house down by the river. Her mother and father and little sister Lisabet, and then Alva of course, who is the housemaid and the kindest person ever, also live here. From the roof of the woodshed in the garden you can see into the Nilsson’s kitchen. There in the Nilsson’s kitchen, Abbe is usually baking pretzels.

Rasmus and the tramp

Rasmus has run away from the orphanage Västerhaga and the strict Miss Hök to try and find himself a new home. He runs along the winding roads, alone in the summer night, and he stops to sleep in a small grey hay barn in a summer meadow. There he meets Paradis-Oskar – ‘the paradise tramp and God’s best friend’, who has taken to the road with this accordion.