Simon Small

Bertil thought it was boring to be alone at home all and every day waiting for mum and dad to come home from work. Really, really boring actually. But when he discovers that a little pixie lives in the cellar, his days at once become fun and exciting. If he touches the nail next to the rat hole and says ‘killevippen’ he also becomes as small as a thumb and can go down to Simon Small’s home and have a bath in a soap dish or share one meatball for dinner.


In Simon Small’s house, all children can find out what it’s like to be as small as a pixie. Just do what Bertil did in the story the first time he was going to go through the rat hole down to Simon Small’s new home. If you touch the nail by the entrance at the same time as you say ‘Killevippen’, you will be transformed from normal size to a small pixie size and then you can enter.

“There, under the bed is… yes, just like a normal boy. It’s just that he’s no bigger than a thumb.
From "Simon Small moves in"

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