Noisy Village

Noisy Village is a very small village, only three farms, and seven children live there with their families. Lisa lives at Mellangården with her brothers Lasse and Bosse, Britta and Anna live in Norrgården, and Olle and his baby sister Kerstin live in Sörgården. And then there’s Olle’s dog Svipp, of course. Mum used to say to Lisa that she thinks it is called Noisy Village just because the children in the village make so much noise. One thing is for sure anyway and that is that they play and have fun almost all the time.

Visit Noisy Village

There are three houses in a row in Noisy Village, just as there once were in the small village of Sevedstorp where Astrid Lindgren’s father grew up on the middle farm (the film about the children of Noisy Village was shot there). The houses are built on a child-friendly scale, and in the three houses you can listen to sound recordings from the films.

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“I feel sorry for those who don’t live in Noisy Village.”
Anna in "Nothing but fun in Noisy Village"

Read more about the children of Noisy Village in the books: The Children of Noisy Village (1946), Happy times in Noisy Village (1949) and Nothing but fun in Noisy Village (1952)