Brenda Brave

Well, it was really Grandma’s house, of course, Brenda was left here with her grandmother in a basket when she was three months old because no one else wanted to take care of her. They live in the cutest little house you can imagine, by a slightly hilly cobbled street in the poorest part of the town. It was Grandma who decided that Brenda should be called Brenda Brave. She could see straight away that Brenda would be a brave little girl, so she might as well be called Brenda Brave from the start.

“Who was going to cook the Christmas ham and buy the Christmas presents and decorate the house for Christmas?”
“I will,” said Brenda.

From "Brenda Brave helps Grandmother"

You must have heard how clever Brenda was that time before Christmas when Grandma broke her leg and Brenda managed to sell all the peppermint rock by herself that grandma had made.

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