Here you can play and play

Astrid Lindgren cared about the right of children to be children. Free play runs like a red thread through all her books, and it does of course also have an important place here in Astrid Lindgren’s World. As well as the exciting settings from the stories that children can explore freely at their own pace, we have lots of places in the park created just for play. This is a place created to give children the chance to experience and discover Astrid Lindgren’s story treasure on their terms.

Noisy Village

Noisy Village is a very small village, only three farms, and seven children live there with their families. Lisa lives at Mellangården with her brothers Lasse and Bosse, Britta and Anna live in Norrgården, and Olle and his baby sister Kerstin live in Sörgården. And then there’s Olle’s dog Svipp, of course. Mum used to say to Lisa that she thinks it is called Noisy Village just because the children in the village make so much noise. One thing is for sure anyway and that is that they play and have fun almost all the time.

Simon Small

Bertil thought it was boring to be alone at home all and every day waiting for mum and dad to come home from work. Really, really boring actually. But when he discovers that a little pixie lives in the cellar, his days at once become fun and exciting. If he touches the nail next to the rat hole and says ‘killevippen’ he also becomes as small as a thumb and can go down to Simon Small’s home and have a bath in a soap dish or share one meatball for dinner.

The Tiny, Tiny Town

This is what the small town of Vimmerby looked like when Astrid Lindgren grew up there at the beginning of the century. In many of her books there are small town settings that take their inspiration from her childhood town of Vimmerby. Here you’ll find the shop where Pippi bought 18 kilos of sweets, Båtsmansbacken where Kalle Blomkvist sneaked around, Borgmästargården where Emil rode in on Lukas in the middle of a party, the hotel garden pavilion where Mardie attended the mayoress’s autumn ball and Alva danced with the chimney sweep, and the square where Brenda Brave sold her peppermint rock.

Troublemaker Street

Lotta lives with her mum, dad, big brother and big sister in a yellow house on Troublemaker Street. Mrs Berg lives in the house next door, which is lucky for Lotta, because she is a very stubborn and determined child. So stubborn that she sometimes has to leave home to go to Mrs Berg. But she usually moves back home again when her dad comes and tells her that her mum is sad and the they are having spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.

Brenda Brave

Well, it was really Grandma’s house, of course, Brenda was left here with her grandmother in a basket when she was three months old because no one else wanted to take care of her. They live in the cutest little house you can imagine, by a slightly hilly cobbled street in the poorest part of the town. It was Grandma who decided that Brenda should be called Brenda Brave. She could see straight away that Brenda would be a brave little girl, so she might as well be called Brenda Brave from the start.

The Birch Trees

Here you can challenge each other’s courage and balance on our don’t-touch-the-ground course, or build an obstacle course and compete on hobbyhorses. The green areas offer different types of play for all ages, including water play, rocking horses, stilts and a maze for those who like a challenge.

The Play Barn

Inside the barn there is a slide, junk attic, secret passages and old farm objects. Here you can play shop, look after the wooden animals or explore the attic. There is also a well where you can get water for the wooden pigs and a small field on which you can plough and harrow together.

The Mill

Here you can play with water in all its forms, climb on wheels, roofs and scramble nets or go down the slide. The Mill is a place for imaginative play as well as relaxation.

Matt’s Forest

Matt’s Forest is full of strange creatures and exciting play. Part of Matt’s Forests is a mystical trail on which you can experience the forest close up. You may see glowing eyes of different creatures and witchery through the fog. Where the path ends, you are free to make your own way in the forest and discover ruins, hiding places and lots of other things.