In a place of such wonderful stories, you should of course also be able to expect wonderful food. In our restaurants, we make everything from scratch in our own kitchens and use mostly local raw produce. Here you will find filling Småland homely fare such as ‘isterband’ sausages with boiled potatoes and fried bacon with potato pancakes. But there are also meatballs with mashed potatoes, pancakes and much more.



Opening hours

22-23/10 and 29/10-6/11


1/11-4/11 open in the evening until 19.00. 

Children / adult prices

Our own meatballs

with mashed potatoes, cream sauce and our own lingonberry jam

SEK 80/145

Fried battered cod (MSC labelled)

with roast potatoes, mixed cabbage salad, cold dill sauce and lemon

SEK 90/160

Cherry-baked pork belly

with roasted potatoes, crispy cabbage and gravy sauce with thyme

SEK 95/165

Creamy pumpkin & lentil stew

flavored with chili and ginger, topped with roasted Brussels sprouts
served with sourdough bread and cream cheese

SEK 80/145

Småland ‘isterband’ sausage from Brantestad farm

with potatoes in white sauce, our pickled beetroot and pickled gherkins from Kinda

SEK 85/155




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A.Larsson’s Pancakes

Opening hours

22-23/10 and 29/10-6/11


1/11-4/11 open in the evening until 18.00. 

New this season is that we serve our pancake buffet in a nice 50s setting on Troublemaker Street. At A. Larsson’s Pancakes you can eat as many pancakes as you want or can manage, served on floral china. We make the pancake batter from scratch with pure raw produce from local producers. Accompaniments such as jam are made in our kitchen, and we whip the cream, which comes from Småland cows, ourselves. A. Larsson’s Pancakes shares a courtyard with A. Larsson Bakery, so there is space for many guests, indoors and outdoors in the verdant courtyard. If you or someone else in your group fancies something different, you can choose from the bakery’s range, such as a healthy sandwich, and still eat together outside.
We also have different options for allergy sufferers: gluten-free and milk- and egg-free pancakes.

Here is our pancake recipe:
2 ½ dl flour
6 dl full-cream milk
3 eggs
½ tsp salt
1 ½ tsp sugar
2 tbsp melted butter
1 tbsp butter for the first pancakeMethod:
Whisk the flour with 3 dl of the milk until the batter is free of lumps. Add the rest of the milk. Whisk in one egg at a time and add salt and sugar. Let the batter stand out for about 30 minutes. Melt 2 tbsp of butter and add to the batter. Whisk the batter occasionally to ensure the flour doesn’t sink to the bottom. Melt 1 tbsp of butter in the frying pan. The butter can be allowed to brown a little before pouring in the batter. Turn the pancake when the batter has solidified on top and fry for a short time on the other side. No butter is needed in the frying pan for the rest of the pancakes.Welcome to A. Larsson’s Pancakes.
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Opening hours

22-23/10 and 29/10-6/11



Our own meatballs
 with boiled potatoes from Aby, cream sauce and uncooked lingonberry jam

SEK 80/135


Handmade potato cakes
with fried diced pork from Brantestad and uncooked lingonberry jam
with mushrooms, root parsley, kale and uncooked lingonberry jam

SEK 80/135



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Openinghours 17.30-19.00 Friday and saturday

Our own meatballs
with boiled potatoes from Aby, cream sauce and our own lingonberry jam


Spaghetti Bolognese
with pork mince from Brantestad farm and grated Västerbotten cheese

Apple-baked pork belly with red wine gravy
with seasonal crispy vegetables and roast potatoes from Aby

Baked haddock (MSC labelled)
with creamy white wine sauce, Swedish green peas, spinach and boiled potatoes from Aby


Roasted pointed cabbage with carrot purée,
pickled swede, spinach, browned butter and salt-roasted pumpkin seeds

Coffee & the evening’s dessert

Adult: SEK 245
Child/toddlers: SEK 95/70

The price includes the salad buffet, drink with the meal and coffee
with reservation for changes