We take food seriously

In a place of such wonderful stories, you should of course also be able to expect wonderful food. In our restaurants, we make everything from scratch in our own kitchens and use mostly local raw produce. Here you will find filling Småland homely fare such as ‘isterband’ sausages with boiled potatoes and fried bacon with potato pancakes. But there are also meatballs with mashed potatoes, pancakes and much more. This season, we have added even more vegetables to our plates and we are offering more vegetarian options. If anyone in the family has allergies or needs a special diet for some other reason, we also offer one or more allergy options.


At our restaurants we serve everything from filling Småland homely fare to light dishes. We also have plenty of nice cafés and small places to eat with everything from buns, pastries and sandwiches to pancakes and waffles with jam and cream. We also have lots of picnic places if you want to go further out into the park or bring your own picnic.



We have gone all out and started preparing all our food from scratch. It was obvious to us that we should choose local produce, partly because we want to offer our visitors a genuine and healthy food experience and partly because we want to support local industry and contribute to minimising the environmental impact of transport.


In Astrid Lindgren’s World, there are about 20 restaurants, cafeterias, cafés and kiosks. There are close to 160 persons working here to prepare and serve all this well-cooked food. It is important to us to be a good and fun workplace where our staff are happy and can develop. We all work together: kitchen assistants, chefs, waiters and waitresses, cold-buffet managers, cashiers and managers, to give our guests a great meal experience with a taste of Småland.

Do you have any questions or views on the food at Astrid Lindgren’s World?
Contact me and I will answer you.

Sara Hedblom, 
Head of Food and Drinks at Astrid Lindgren’s World.