Information about your visit

We are opening the park safely and responsibly

17 June is the season opening of Astrid Lidgren’s World. We are really looking forward to welcoming our guests!

However, as we all know, these are unique circumstances. Opening a park where many people will be moving around requires us to take extra responsibility so we don’t contribute to the spread of the coronavirus.

Nothing is as it was, and as a result this year’s opening will also be different and restricted – at least in the beginning. We will be following the recommendations and guidelines set by the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

Social distancing
The general calls to stay at home if you are ill or have even the mildest symptoms, to wash your hands often and sneeze and cough into the crook of your arm do of course apply to both our guests and staff.

We will be very diligent in ensuring that our guests maintain the recommended social distances. This applies to public places as well as restaurants and shops. The park covers an area of 18 hectares (25 football pitches), so by regulating the total number of guests in the park we will be able to meet the current recommendations and requirements. Should these change, we will of course respond with appropriate measures.

How many visitors per day can the park accommodate?
We will start with 1500 guests and then carefully increase the total number so we can easily maintain social distancing within the park. Should the current restrictions change, we will of course adjust the total number of guests in the park accordingly.

What are we doing to minimise the risk of infection?

To minimise the risk of infection we have introduced routines based on knowledge and action. We have intensified our cleaning processes, in both rooms and public spaces, and we will make sure that soap and paper towels are available in the toilets. Hand sanitising gel has been placed in multiple locations. All our staff will receive daily notices of the latest directives on hygiene and instructions from the Public Health Agency of Sweden, both verbally and in writing.
All staff will stay home from work if they experience any cold symptoms, coughing, difficulty breathing or fever. They will have to have been symptom-free for 48 hours before returning to work.



Do I need to pre-book admission tickets to the park?
Yes, you must book your ticket in advance and buy your admission tickets online via our homepage (link here) for the day you want to visit. If you are arriving by car, you should also consider purchasing your parking ticket in advance. This is to avoid queuing and unnecessary contact at the ticket office.

Will the entrance price be affected by the experience not being exactly the same?
Even if everything is not exactly as normal all our settings and performances will be running. This means that we have the same costs as for a normal season but with significantly fewer guests per day. For this reason, there’s unfortunately no scope for reducing the entrance price.

What will it be like at the entrance, will there be a queue like in a normal year?
We will only be accepting a limited number of guests and in addition we will be setting up queuing barriers and extra entrance points to the park.

I have an annual card, how will that work?
Those who have already purchased an annual card should have received an email with instructions on what to do. If you haven’t received one, check your junk folder or email us at

Do I need to book an admission ticket if I have an annual card?
If you have an annual card you will still need to book your admission ticket online and scan both your ticket and annual card at the entrance.

What are you doing about gift cards?

Contact us at or +46 (0)492-798 00 for help.



Will shops and restaurants be open?
Our shops and restaurants will be open, but we will of course be focusing on ensuring that the recommended distancing is maintained.

Both shops and restaurants will be cashless. Only card payments will be accepted.

Here are some of the safety precautions we have implemented for restaurants and shops:

  • Signs asking people to maintain distancing have been put up.
  • There is now more space between seating inside restaurants and plenty of seating provided outside.
  • Stations with hand sanitising gel have be placed in selected locations.
  • Extra cleaning routines have been introduced that include wiping handles and other contact surfaces with disinfectant.
  • Hand sanitising gel is available at several locations, and we will wear plastic gloves and protective clothing as considered necessary.
  • We will only be selling pick ’n’ mix sweets with paper wrappings. More variants of our candy cones will be available in our sweetshops such as Karamellkokeriet and Chokladbutiken.


Can I pay with cash?
Don’t forget to bring a bank or payment card when you come. To minimise infection the whole park will be cashless. This means that it will only be possible to pay by card (excl. Swish).



 How will performances work?
We will be running a full peak-season programme and there will be several extra showings of some performances each day.

We will be managing the number of guests who can watch each performance. For this reason there will be ushers counting in guests for each performance, and we will need to empty the viewing spaces between performances before filling them again.

All seating will be marked out in accordance with the recommended social distancing. The entrances and exits to the settings and their associated stages will be managed. Not all entrances to viewing spaces will be open. This is to maintain good social distancing control.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to invite guests to the settings after the performances to meet the characters as we normally do. However, the settings will be opened for play at selected times during the day.

Will my child be able to meet the characters?
We know that a very big part of the experience at Astrid Lindgren’s World is meeting all the characters in the park close up. This is of course not possible in the current situation. To protect both the characters and guests from infection, this element of the experience will be omitted. This is of course disappointing but necessary.

Do we need to book places for the performances in advance?
No, it is not possible to book places for the performances in advance. Spaces will be limited and we will be emptying the viewing spaces after every performance. Due to the limited total seating, we cannot guarantee that you will get a place and ask for your understanding on this.

Can there be more than 50 people in the viewing/public spaces?
We will accept only 50 people in the larger areas, the smaller ones will accept fewer people. This will all be controlled according to the guidelines on social distancing, which will be carefully maintained.

Will the experience be different compared with a normal year?

Yes, that will inevitably be the case. One difference is that as a guest you won’t be able to see as many performances as normal, bearing in mind the demands for social distancing in viewing spaces. You won’t be able sit as close together.

(Even in a normal year you wouldn’t have time to see all the performances in one day. That requires a visit of several days, as we put on about 50 performances of different durations every day.)

We also won’t be able to offer meetings between the characters and guests as we usually do.

Other activities that will be different are, e.g., the carnival games. There will not be any games in which balls or rings are thrown. This is to minimise the number of contact surfaces.

Are the barbeque areas open?
Yes, the barbeque areas are open and we will provide charcoal and lighting fluid.

Are the play areas open?
Play is an important part of Sweden’s largest outside theatre, even in corona times. All of the play areas in the park except the Play Barn (by the Katthult setting) will be open and disinfected regularly.

Hygiene and cleaning routines in the park
As well as the hand sanitising stations that are located around the park, there are several toilets where you can wash your hands regularly during the day. Here, we have a shared responsibility to follow the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

Our cleaning routines are also stricter to minimise infection. This is not only the case for toilets but the whole park.

There will be hand sanitising stations for our visitors at strategically chosen locations throughout the park.



What happens if I want to cancel my booking?
On the grounds of the current situation with the coronavirus, we are offering free cancellation and rebooking to give you flexibility over your booking. This means that up until the day before your arrival you can cancel or rebook your stay with us.


What are we doing about guest accommodation?
If you have booked accommodation with us, we would like to explain briefly the safety measures that we have implemented during this time of corona. Firstly, we have increased the cleaning times in our rooms and public spaces. We will be extra thorough in cleaning the surfaces that you come into contact with most, such as handles, handrails and card machines.

We have over 120 accommodation units that all have their own shower, toilet and self-catering facilities, which means that we have a good basis for maintaining proper social distancing also in our accommodation.

In the accommodation where we don’t have that (the Enetorp cottages and pitches for caravans and cars), we have reduced the total number of guest spaces to minimise crowding in the service buildings and shower/toilet areas.

For guests who want to eat breakfast or dinner at Majkens Restaurant, that option will of course still be available this year too, but with greater restrictions on the total number of guests per sitting.


If I book or have already booked accommodation with you, how do I book a visit to the park?
If you had already booked accommodation but not yet bought admission tickets, then these are guaranteed, but you will need to access your booking online (link to my pages) and buy tickets for the day you want to visit the park.

If you are booking accommodation from now on, it is recommended that you buy your admission ticket at the same time. This is to allow us to manage availability on each day.

How many people can occupy public spaces at one time, such as the reception/shops and service buildings?
This varies, but at the moment we have a very low occupancy limit. We recommend that the whole family does not enter the reception or shops at the same time and that you maintain your distance to other people.

What do I do when checking in and out?
To avoid crowding, we ask that only one family member goes to the reception when checking in and out.

Will many people be attending breakfast and the evening buffet at the same time?

We have different sittings and will be accepting a smaller number of guests than usual. This means that we will have lots of space to maintain social distancing.

What cleaning and hygiene routines are in place for the different accommodation units and other public spaces?
We have increased cleaning in our accommodation and public spaces as follows:

– As before, we will change cleaning cloths and mops between each room that is cleaned.
– We have placed hand sanitising gel in public spaces.
– We will be carrying out extra cleaning in public spaces including handles, card machines, handrails, keys, etc.

The service building will be cleaned three times a day. Sinks and soap are available for washing your hands in all public spaces. Our guests will also have access to hand sanitising gel. Bed linen and towels are washed at a minimum of 90 degrees.

How is my accommodation cleaned?

Regardless of whether previous guests have done their own cleaning or paid for final cleaning by us, our cleaning staff will check all accommodation between every guest and disinfect all metal surfaces, handles, etc.

What should I do if I want to cancel my booking?

Due to the current coronavirus situation, we have chosen to amend our ordinary cancellation rules, and you now have free cancellation and rebooking. This means that until the day before your arrival you can cancel or rebook your stay with us.

Can children play in the playgrounds?
Yes, children can play in the playgrounds and we have further increased the frequency with which we disinfect all playgrounds.



To be able to open the park in a safe and responsible way we have implemented all the changes and routines that you have read above, but we also need your help. We trust that all our guests will follow the advice of the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

– Stay home if you have the slightest symptoms of a cold

– Wash hands thoroughly and often
– Avoid touching your face (eyes, nose, mouth)
– Cough and sneeze into the crook of your arm
– Maintain your distance
– Don’t hold hands


Finally, and most important of all.
We look forward to having you as a guest and hope that you will have a wonderful and enjoyable experience at Astrid Lindgren’s World 2020!