Daily program 12 june- 23 august

Here we offer fantastic theatre experiences for young and old. All the performances are based on Astrid Lindgren’s stories, and many include singing, music and dancing as part of the story. Everything you can see on our stages during the day is included in the admission price.

We put on approx. 50 different performances every day in the park. In Katthult, Emil is up to mischief to his father Anton’s annoyance; in Villekulla Cottage, Kling and Klang try to catch Pippi Longstocking; and in Matt’s Fort, Ronja and Birk leap over the gorge Helvetesgapet. Scenes from the books are also performed in Junedale and Cherry Tree Valley, Wild Rose Valley on Karlsson’s roof and wherever Rasmus is.

You can see the daily programme for the 2019 Main season further down. The daily programme will show you the times of the performances and when Pippi Longstocking, That Emil, Mardie, Ronja and the others are at home so they can meet our visitors.


The Brothers Lionheart

Cherry Tree Valley

11.10 – 12.30 Meet the Brothers Lionheart in the Cherry Tree Valley.


11.15 My brother, Jonathan Lionheart

Skorpan Lionheart is nine years old and knows he is going to die soon. Jonathan is Skorpan’s big brother, and one day he tells Skorpan about Nangijala, where you go when your die. ‘There you get to have adventures from morning to night,’ says Jonathan. And maybe Skorpan will come and visit sometimes as a snow-white dove, just as in the song that mum used to sing. But it’s not Skorpan who gets to Nangijala first. A terrible fire breaks out in the brothers’ flat, and Jonathan takes his brother on his back and jumps out of the second floor window. He saves Skorpan’s life but dies himself in the garden after the fall. Now Skorpan is just waiting to meet Jonathan again in Nangijala.


12.00 The journey from Cherry Tree Valley

Skorpan has come to his brother Jonathan in Cherry Tree Valley in Nangijala. There he meets Sofia and all her snow-white doves, Hubert – the hunter, and Jossi – the fun, kind innkeeper. ‘The time of stories and campfires’ as Jonathan had called the time in Nangijala. But not all stories are beautiful here as Skorpan realises when Jonathan tells him about the two green valleys in Nangijala: Cherry Tree Valley and Wild Rose Valley. The evil tyrant Tengil reigns in Wild Rose Valley, and he has built a wall around the valley and taken the people there prisoner. Sofia and Jonathan lead the secret fight for freedom and Sofia’s doves fly with messages across the mountains to Wild Rose Valley’s leader Orvar. Now, one of Sofia’s doves has been found dead, without a message and an arrow through its chest, and Sofia realises that there must be a traitor in Cherry Tree Valley.


The Brothers Lionheart

Wild Rose Valley

14.00 – 16.10 Meet the Brothers Lionheart in the Wild Rose Valley


14.00 Reunion in Wild Rose Valley

Skorpan has been taken prisoner by two of Tengil’s soldiers in the mountains. He has lied and said that he lives with his grandfather in Wild Rose Valley so that he can get in with the help of the soldiers and maybe find his brother Jonathan who is hiding somewhere in the valley. Otherwise, no one can enter or leave the gate without the secret password: ‘All power to Tengil, our liberator’. In Wild Rose Valley, Skorpan and the soldiers reach a small house where there is an old man. His name is Mattias and he understands that Skorpan is in danger. So he pretends to be Skorpan’s grandfather to save him from the soldiers. But Mattias is also keeping a secret, a secret that Skorpan will soon discover.


15.00 Not a little piece of dirt

While there is a ban on leaving Wild Rose Valley, Jonathan digs away at the secret passage that will take him out of Wild Rose Valley. He has to rescue the freedom fighter Orvar, who is now being held prisoner in Katla’s Cave. The soldiers have arranged a feast in Wild Rose Valley. They harass the villagers, sing, shout, bawl and drink ever more beer, and finally they fall asleep. Jonathan takes the chance to steal a helmet and a cloak – they may come in handy some time. Then they suddenly get a visit from a soldier who decides that Skorpan’s horse has to be collected that evening to be given to Tengil. The only way to save the horse Fjalar now is for Jonathan to dress up as a soldier and ride out with the horses through the big gate. But without the password, no one goes in or out through Tengil’s walls. If Jonathan only had the password…


17.00-17.30 Meet the Brothers Lionheart in the Wild Rose Valley


17.00 The Day of the Battle

The people of Wild Rose Valley are secretly preparing for the Day of the Battle when the valley will finally be liberated from the tyrant Tengil. Jonathan and Skorpan set off to rescue Orvar from Katla’s Cave, and then the hunt starts through the mountains, with the soldiers close on their heels. Skorpan cannot run very fast and let’s Orvar and Jonathan escape ahead of him to come back for him later. Then they head for Wild Rose Valley again, because the day is here – the Day of the Battle. Lots of screams can be heard from Wild Rose Valley that day, but one sounds like no other. Katla has come – an ancient female dragon who can paralyse anyone with her fire and only obeys Tengil’s battle horn.



Ronja the Robber´s Daughter

11.00 – 12.10 Meet Ronja the Robber´s Daughter in Matt´s Fort.


11.00 The night Ronja is born

The night Ronja is born, there is thunder over the mountains. It is a storm, the like of which no one has seen, and, suddenly, lightning strikes the ancient Matt’s Fort and splits it in two, creating a real hell’s gorge between the two halves. Matt rages like a caged animal – how could something like this be allowed to happen to his forefathers’ old fort? Be that as it may, life goes on in Matt’s Fort just as before, except that now there is a child there. A child who gradually makes Matt and all his robbers a bit silly, according to Lovis. Time goes by until one fine day, Ronja is old enough and Matt realises it’s time. Ronja needs to head out and discover the world outside the safety of the walls of Matt’s Fort. But first, Matt tells her about the dangers in the forest, not least the sly grey dwarfs who lurk at dusk…


11.45 Ronja meets Birk

Long before living memory, Borka’s and Matt’s robbers fell foul of each other. And when Ronja was born, Matt was happy that his family would live on while it would not go well for the Borka family, because Borka couldn’t have a child, as rumour had it. What Matt didn’t know was that on that same stormy night as Ronja was born, Birk was also born – the son of Borka and Undis. And one day when Ronja gets up, as usual taking care not to fall into Hell’s Gorge, he is sitting there, Birk Borkason. And he claims that he, Borka, Undis and all their robbers have moved into the northern part of the fort during the night. ‘Just you wait until Matt hears about this, then all the Borka robbers will be out in a flash,’ says Ronja. But it turns out not to be quite that simple…


13.45 – 16.15 Meet Ronja the Robber´s Daughter in Matt´s Fort.


13.45 Winter in Matt’s Forest

Winter comes to Matt’s Fort and Matt’s Forest. Ronja sets off into the forest on her skis. But in her hurry, she loses her ski and gets her foot stuck in a forest gnome hole. Ronja fights desperately to free herself but gets no help from the scatterbrained forest gnomes. Then Birk, who Ronja is really angry with, comes. He helps to free her, and suddenly she never wants him to leave her again! She wishes he were her brother. ‘I can be your brother if you want,’ says Birk. ‘Ronja, my sister’.


14.50 Wild animal encounter!

Long before living memory, Borka’s and Matt’s robbers became arch-enemies, and since Borka moved into the inaccessible northern part of the fort without permission to get away from the soldiers, Matt had devoted his days and nights to thinking about how he could kick out Borka and his gang. Ronja and Birk, on the other hand, were not only friends – they had secretly decided to be brother and sister. Now they just wanted their old obstinate fathers to make peace and maybe – as Noodle-Pete always said – join forces into one big strong gang of robbers. But who would be the leader of such a robber’s gang? That was something that could only be decided in a duel – a real meeting of caged animals.


Pippi Longstocking


10.30 – 12.30 Meet Pippi in Villekulla Cottage

10.30 Pippi Longstocking moves into Villekulla Cottage

On the outskirts of the Tiny Tiny Town there is an old overgrown garden, and in the garden there is an old house. The house is called Villekulla Cottage. Tommy and Annika often walk past Villekulla Cottage wishing dearly that someone would move in. On this day, they’ve hurried there because they have heard Miss Prysselius say that someone is actually living there now. Miss Prysselius, who is chairwoman of the child welfare committee and runs the children’s home in the small town, doesn’t think it is at all acceptable for a young girl to live all by herself in a big house. She decides to visit Pippi and take her to the children’s home so that Pippi can have things sorted out for her.


11.30 Pippi is visited by burglars

Pippi Longstocking lives in an old dilapidated cottage on the outskirts of the Tiny Tiny Town. She is nine years old and lives there all by herself with her horse Lilla Gubben and her monkey Mr Nilsson. One day, two poor tramps called Dunder-Karlsson and Blom come by. They want to get their hands on Pippi’s holdall with all the gold coins she has been given by her father, but they don’t know that Pippi is in fact the strongest girl in the world!


12.15 Pippi Longstocking’s father comes home

Pippi Longstocking is nine years old and lives in Villekulla Cottage all by herself with her horse and her monkey. Pippi’s mother lives in heaven and her father is a sea captain, but he blew into the sea during a storm in the Caribbean Sea. But one fine day, a pirate song can be heard from down in the harbour and a boat moors by the jetty. It’s Pippi’s father who has finally come home! He has missed his daughter so much, and together with his sailor Fridolf he tells Pippi, Tommy and Annika how Captain Efraim Longstocking became King of Kurre-kurredutt Island and about the wild adventures that have finally brought him back to Villekulla Cottage.


14.15 – 16.30   Meet Pippi in Villekulla Cottage


14.15 Pirate Fabbe’s girl

One day, Pippi receives a message in a bottle from her father who is a sea captain and sails the seven seas on his boat the Hoptoad. In the letter, he writes that his sailors have raised a mutiny and he is now being held prisoner by two unpleasant characters: Blood-Svente and Jocke with the Knife. They refuse to let him go unless he tells them where Pirate Fabbe’s treasure is hidden. Pippi decides to take Tommy and Annika on a mission to try to rescue both her father and the treasure. But the pirates don’t intend to give up that easily and are prepared to play dirty to get the treasure back….


15.10 Pippi Longstocking plays tag with the police

Miss Prysselius has asked the town’s police, constables Kling and Klang, to get Pippi from Villekulla Cottage so that the girl can finally go to the town’s children’s home. Young children can of course not live on their own, everyone knows that. Policemen are Pippi’s favourites, after rhubarb cream of course, and she loves playing tag with them! But she has no intention of going with them to the children’s home of course.


15.45 Pippi Longstocking does have a father

Pippi’s father has finally come home and now he, Pippi and sailor Fridolf are preparing to set off to sea again. Miss Prysselius and the town’s policemen, Kling and Klang, don’t know that Pippi’s father has come home and they march up to Villekulla Cottage, ready to get tough with Pippi to take her to the children’s home once and for all. But Pippi decides to mess with them a bit and tells her father Efraim to hide…


That Emil


10.45 – 13.40 Meet That Emil in Katthult


10.45 The catechetical meeting in Katthult

In the old days, there used to be catechetical meetings when the dean wanted to make sure that everyone in the parish knew their Bible stories properly. And today, there was going to be a catechetical meeting in Katthult. Afterwards, there would be coffee of course. That’s when That Emil went to lock up the hens, just as his mum had asked him to. As he likes to do things properly, he didn’t just lock up the hens but all the little outhouses and sheds that were open, even the outside toilet – Trisseboa. But, who other than Emil’s father would happen to be sitting there minding his own business….


11.50 When little Ida was going to do mischief

Emil and his little sister Ida live in Katthult in Lönneberga, Småland. Have you ever heard of them? If you have, you’ll know that Emil gets up to mischief almost every day and then has to sit in the woodshed. Emil’s father thinks that it will teach Emil not to get up to mischief so he doesn’t have to sit in the woodshed. But he’s wrong. Emil quite likes being in the woodshed. Ida also likes it in the woodshed. And she would really like to be locked in there too sometime, but mischief just doesn’t come her way, however hard she tries. And like Emil said, “You don’t get up to mischief. It just happens.”


12.45 When Emil got his head stuck in the soup tureen

Today, there was meat broth for dinner in Katthult. Everyone liked it, especially Emil who put his whole head into tureen to get the last drop out. But then his head got stuck and the family had to go to the doctor in Mariannelund to get him out of the tureen. What a disaster, and today of all days when there was going to be a party in Katthult and the important Miss Petrell was coming for a visit. The flag was flying when she came, but not any old flag, because little Ida wanted to know if you could see all the way to Mariannelund from the top of the flagpole, and Emil, who was a kind soul, helped her to find out of course.


15.00 – 16.45 Meet That Emil in Katthult


15.00 When Emil poured potato dumpling mix over his father

When Emil heard that there was a rat in the kitchen he decided to set a trap. But his father’s big toe wasn’t supposed to get caught in it! And when Emil wanted to make his father happy again and show him the nice potato dumpling mix that was going to become dinner – it wasn’t meant to go all over his father’s face. But when Emil was locked in the woodshed for the third time in one day, he decided he’d had enough. Lina, on the other hand, quite liked when Emil sat in the woodshed so she locked it a bit extra so she could be alone with her Alfred.


16.25 When Emil made three valiant attempts to pull out Lina’s molar

Emil, Anton, Lina and Alfred have been to the auction in Backhorva and are now coming home. Emil has made what his father thinks are ridiculous purchases, Alfred has been in a fight and Lina has got toothache after the Kragstorp farmer gave her too many sweets. Alfred thinks she should go to Sme-Pelle and have her tooth pulled out. Lina doesn’t for the life of her want to go. The mere thought of the expense and how long it will take to pull out the tooth sends shivers down her spine. But Emil comes up with the idea that he can probably pull out the tooth more cheaply and quickly…




11.00 – 12.45   Meet Mardie in Junedale


11.00 A summer’s day with lice

Mardie lives in the red house down by the river. Her mum, dad and baby sister Lisabet also live there. And then Alva, of course, she is the nanny and the kindest person ever. Abbe, Mardie’s best friend, lives in the house next door, which is called Lugnet. Mr and Mrs Nilsson – Abbe’s mum and dad – also live there. Today, Mardie’s first summer holidays have started. Imagine that something so wonderful can be real! Abbe has bought some rabbits, which he is very happy about. But a fox has started sneaking about the farm at night and Mr Nilsson decides to look for the old fox trap to set it for the fox. At home in Junedale, Alva discovers that Mardie has got lice and has to start some real delousing with sabadilla vinegar.


11.40 Mardie and Lisabet have a picnic at home

More information about the show will come later.


12.15 The helplessness of poverty

More information about the show will come later.


Karlsson on the roof


10.25 – 13.00 Meet Karlsson and Lillebror in Vasastan


10.25 Lillebror meets Karlsson

On a very ordinary street in Stockholm in a very ordinary house lives a very ordinary family called Svantesson. There is a very ordinary father and a very ordinary mother and three very ordinary children, Bosse, Bettan and Lillebror. There is only one person in the whole house who is not ordinary and that is Karlsson on the roof. Today was one of those awkward days, when it was no fun being Lillebror. Mum had anaemia and had to go away for a rest, and a housekeeper, Miss Bock, is coming to take care of Lillebror during the days when his father is working. And Lillebror suddenly feels all alone in the world, but then he hears a whirring sound outside the window…


11.30 Karlsson introduces Uncle Julius to the world of fairy tales

Uncle Julius, who is Lillebror’s relative, has come to town to visit his doctor, and he is staying with Lillebror and Miss Bock while he is there. The ‘house borer’ has commanded peace and quiet but, as usual, Karlsson is ready for a bit of fun. Together with Lillebror, they cogitate, calculate and dress up, and it ends up with Uncle Julius believing he has seen a real life legendary being. Excited by his new realisation, he confides in Miss Bock, and to Karlsson’s great annoyance, they comfort each other.


12.20 Karlsson is evicted

Miss Bock, who has come to take care of Lillebror when his mother and father are away, cleans the house thoroughly and fries meatballs, and of course ‘the world’s best vacuum vacuumer’ thinks he too should help. Lillebror’s stamps, for example, shouldn’t just lie around making the place look untidy according to Karlsson who quickly sucks them up. Afterwards, he wants some tasty meatballs as usual, but Miss Bock intends to put a stop to that once and for all and she throws out Karlsson.



Rasmus and the tramp


14.30 – 16.45   Meet Rasmus and the tramp around the park


14.30 Rasmus meets God’s best friend

Rasmus and Paradis-Oskar tell the story of when they first met. Rasmus had run away from the children’s home Västerhaga and hit the road to find himself new parents. Gunnar had said that everyone only wanted girls with curly hair, but there must be someone who would consider a boy with straight and untidy hair? Rasmus runs along the narrow trails in the summer night and spends the night in a barn in a meadow. When he wakes up he realises he is not alone in the barn. There is a tramp over in the hay. It is Oskar – paradise tramp and God’s best friend – who walks along the roads with his accordion and sings at the farms for some money or a bit of food. Rasmus also wants to become one of those paradise tramps….


15.15 Rasmus and the cat song

To get some food, Rasmus and Oskar are going to cut some firewood for a farmer’s wife. But Oskar would of course prefer to play a little tune. When it comes to work, a little is enough for me he says. Rasmus tells that he dreamt of a cat, Oskar plays a bit on his accordion and before they know it they have come up with a song!


15.50 Rasmus – Champion of a cause

In an old house in a deserted village those on the run can hide from the county sheriff until the worst is over at least. That’s what Oskar and Rasmus do, because the county sheriff has decided that Paradis-Oskar is guilty of the robbery both at Sandö Works and from Mrs Hedberg. But he is in fact completely innocent! Two people who also think a deserted village is a good place to hide are the real robbers, Lif and Liander. They go there to check their loot, which they have hidden in one of the houses. When they’ve gone, Rasmus and Oskar sneak out and take the stolen goods to hand it over to the county sheriff, but then, oh no, the robbers return!


The small stage

11.45  Miss Prysselius’s singalong

Miss Prysselius has arranged a singalong for all children and adults who want to join in and sing, and Kling and Klang have promised to come and help. They have also promised Miss Prysselius to prepare a very special surprise, but maybe they haven’t actually remembered to do so… On the stage, there is of course the town’s orchestra the Jubilee Orchestra.


13.30 Karlsson on the roof – The little ghost in Vasastan

Lillebror’s mother and father have gone away, and Miss Bock has come to take care of Lillebror. Today, she has baked buns, but Lillebror isn’t allowed to taste them, “snacks spoil the appetite,” says Miss Bock, or ‘the house borer’ as Lillebror calls her. It’s lucky then that Karlsson on the roof is the world’s best ‘tamer of house borers’! He starts by ‘tirritating’ her properly, by haunting the place. But Miss Bock is happy because finally she can brag to her sister Frida who has been on TV and tell her about the ghost voices she has heard.


15.25 Igen rövare finns i skogen


16.25 Free as a bird! – songs and tunes with Rasmus, Paradis-Oskar and the Tramp Orchestra

The orphan boy Rasmus has joined the tramp Paradis-Oskar while he searches for a mother and father of his own, a couple who want a boy with straight and untidy hair. They walk along the roads together and sing little tunes for some money or a bit of food. Now they have finally found a home for Rasmus in Stensätra, with the kind farmer Nilsson and his wife. Rasmus has stayed there while Oskar hits the road again. But Rasmus doesn’t want to be there. He wants to be with Oskar. But should he say no to a mother and father, a whole farm with horses and cows and everything? Yes, Rasmus preferred to be with Oskar. And Oscar wanted to be with Rasmus too.