Ronja meets Birk

Ronja the Robber´s Daughter

11.45 – 12.05
Matt´s Fort

Long before living memory, Borka’s and Matt’s robbers fell foul of each other. And when Ronja was born, Matt was happy that his family would live on while it would not go well for the Borka family, because Borka couldn’t have a child, as rumour had it. What Matt didn’t know was that on that same stormy night as Ronja was born, Birk was also born – the son of Borka and Undis. And one day when Ronja gets up, as usual taking care not to fall into Hell’s Gorge, he is sitting there, Birk Borkason. And he claims that he, Borka, Undis and all their robbers have moved into the northern part of the fort during the night. ‘Just you wait until Matt hears about this, then all the Borka robbers will be out in a flash,’ says Ronja. But it turns out not to be quite that simple…

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