Pippi Longstocking’s father comes home

Pippi Longstocking
12.00 – 12.20
Villekulla Cottage

Pippi Longstocking is nine years old and lives in Villekulla Cottage all by herself with her horse and her monkey. Pippi’s mother lives in heaven and her father is a sea captain, but he blew into the sea during a storm in the Caribbean Sea. But one fine day, a pirate song can be heard from down in the harbour and a boat moors by the jetty. It’s Pippi’s father who has finally come home! He has missed his daughter so much, and together with his sailor Fridolf he tells Pippi, Tommy and Annika how Captain Efraim Longstocking became King of Kurre-kurredutt Island and about the wild adventures that have finally brought him back to Villekulla Cottage.

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