The night Ronja is born

Ronja the Robber´s Daughter

When: 10.30 – 10.50
Where: Matt´s Fort

The night Ronja is born, there is thunder over the mountains. It is a storm, the like of which no one has seen, and, suddenly, lightning strikes the ancient Matt’s Fort and splits it in two, creating a real hell’s gorge between the two halves. Matt rages like a caged animal – how could something like this be allowed to happen to his forefathers’ old fort? Be that as it may, life goes on in Matt’s Fort just as before, except that now there is a child there. A child who gradually makes Matt and all his robbers a bit silly, according to Lovis. Time goes by until one fine day, Ronja is old enough and Matt realises it’s time. Ronja needs to head out and discover the world outside the safety of the walls of Matt’s Fort. But first, Matt tells her about the dangers in the forest, not least the sly grey dwarfs who lurk at dusk…

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