Reunion in Wild Rose Valley

Bröderna Lejonhjärta

Plats: Törnrosdalen


10.30 – 10.50

While there is a ban on leaving Wild Rose Valley, Jonathan digs away at the secret passage that will take him out of Wild Rose Valley. He has to rescue the freedom fighter Orvar, who is now being held prisoner in Katla’s Cave. The soldiers have arranged a feast in Wild Rose Valley. They harass the villagers, sing, shout, bawl and drink ever more beer, and finally they fall asleep. Jonathan takes the chance to steal a helmet and a cloak – they may come in handy some time. Then they suddenly get a visit from a soldier who decides that Skorpan’s horse has to be collected that evening to be given to Tengil. The only way to save the horse Fjalar now is for Jonathan to dress up as a soldier and ride out with the horses through the big gate. But without the password, no one goes in or out through Tengil’s walls. If Jonathan only had the password…

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