Free as a bird! – songs and tunes with Rasmus, Paradis-Oskar and the Tramp Orchestra

The orphan boy Rasmus has joined the tramp Paradis-Oskar while he searches for a mother and father of his own, a couple who want a boy with straight and untidy hair. They walk along the roads together and sing little tunes for some money or a bit of food. Now they have finally found a home for Rasmus in Stensätra, with the kind farmer Nilsson and his wife. Rasmus has stayed there while Oskar hits the road again. But Rasmus doesn’t want to be there. He wants to be with Oskar. But should he say no to a mother and father, a whole farm with horses and cows and everything? Yes, Rasmus preferred to be with Oskar. And Oscar wanted to be with Rasmus too.

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