Post Office

The Post Office sells postcards, stamps, towels, mugs, bedding and other bits and pieces for the home. Closed


See how genuine rock candy is made, and buy good old-fashioned sweets. Opening hours: 11:00 – 18:00. 30/8-22/9, Friday-Sunday, 11:00 –... View Article

Alms General Store

Bråkmakargatan/Troublemaker Street is also home to Alms General Store, our main shop with an extensive, varied range of clothes, toys,... View Article

Emil store

Everything for the Emil fan. ‘Mysse’ and ‘bysse’ and other fun stuff you’ll recognise from the books about That Emil.... View Article

Chocolate shop

A real chocolate shop bursting with the aroma of chocolate. Choose from our range of handmade chocolate pralines, or why... View Article

Tiny towns candystore

A unique sweetshop selling not only lollipops and sweets but also Pippi’s chocolate money, never-grow-up pills and Karlsson’s special medicine.... View Article

The Pippi Shop

The Pippi Shop can be found on Skolgatan/School Street to the left of the entrance. Here you’ll find clothes, toys... View Article


The most important shop at Astrid Lindgren’s World is, of course, the bookshop. It stocks most books written by Astrid... View Article

Waffle House

Just a stone’s throw from Katthult is Våffelhuset (the waffle house). If you’re still unsure where to find us you... View Article


Stubben, as its Swedish name suggests, is a large stump from which we serve stew and hotdogs (a vegan alternative... View Article