Beautiful restaurant setting with many seats. Småland’s provincial dish ’isterband’ (coarsely ground smoked sausage) and naturally also our own meatballs with lingonberry jam and lots more.


Children / adult prices

Our own meatballs with mashed potatoes, cream sauce and lingonberry jam. 75:-/120:-
The meatballs contain beef, potato, onion, salt, white pepper. Meat content 66%.
The mashed potato contains milk and lactose. Boiled potato as an alternative.
The cream sauce contains milk protein and lactose. Gravy sauce as an alternative.

Fried battered cod (MSC labelled) with our own mashed potatoes, crispy vegetables and creamy herb dressing. 80:-/130:-
The herb dressing contains egg, mustard and milk protein.
Gluten-free alternative: cod without batter.

Green pea patties with roasted root vegetables, baked vine tomatoes and parsley cream (vegan). 75:-/130:-
The pea patty (VEGAN) contains green peas, parsley, yellow onion, garlic, corn starch, salt and pepper. Served with vinaigrette.

Småland ‘isterband’ sausage from Vaggeryd with potatoes in white sauce, our pickled beets and pickled gherkins from Kinda. 80:-/130:-
The ‘isterband’ sausage contains BARLEY GRAIN, pork, pig’s heart, beef, potato flour, pig fat, salt, dextrose, potato fibre, onion, WHEAT STARCH, sugar, spices, gelatine, antioxidant agent E301, preservation agent E250, liquid smoke (naturally recreated smoke).
The potatoes in white sauce contain milk protein and lactose.

Cherry-glazed bacon from Brantestad Farm with roast potatoes, red wine sauce and ‘Prästost’ cheese sauce. 90:-/155:-
The ‘Prästost’ cheese sauce contains egg, mustard, milk protein.