Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking lives in Villekulla Cottage on the outskirts of The Tiny Town. She lives here all by herself. Well,... View Article


Mardie lives here in Junedale, in the red house down by the river. Her mother and father and little sister... View Article

That Emil

Emil and his father who is called Anton, his mother who is called Alma and his little sister Ida live... View Article

Forest´s nest

Substantial sausages with high meat content and buns made in Småland. Also vegetarian options and ice cream!  

A. Larssons Bakery

A 50s inspired café with sandwiches, salads and sandwich cake. The café serves hot chocolate (including a vegan option) and... View Article

The village shop

Our village shop sells locally produced delicacies, cured meats, confectionery, food and nice handicraft.