At the edge of the forest in connection to the park there is an area with cottages and crofts. Here you can stay in Granstugan or Ekebostugan 4+1 beds, slightly smaller cottage options of 16 m² with a small kitchenette, furnished patio and a bathroom with a shower. Ekebostugan also has a TV, which differentiates these two. Both cottage types have a patio.

If you would like more basic accommodation, there is Enetorp, a cabin of 11 m² with a furnished patio. Enetorp has no toilet or shower, but these as well as a kitchen and laundry room are available in our service building. Four beds.

Here you can play and play

Spread out between the cottages and crofts, there is space for lots of different kinds of play. There are boats to climb on and slide in, wooden animals to ride and feed, and more. Explore the area and find the kind of play you like in an area without cars and other dangers.

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