About us

Astrid Lindgren’s World is a theatre park where visitors can experience the characters from Astrid Lindgren’s books in their real settings. The park, which was founded in 1981, is located in Astrid Lindgren’s birth town of Vimmerby. Astrid Lindgren’s World has approximately 490,000 visitors every year, of which just over 20 per cent are from abroad. The park is open from May to August as well as weekends in September and during the Swedish autumn school holiday. In peak season, Astrid Lindgren’s World has some 500 staff, 125 of whom work in the theatre activity. In 2017, Astrid Lindgrens Värld AB turned over 209 million SEK. Astrid Lindgren’s World is an independent limited company, which is owned to 91 per cent by Astrid Lindgren Förvaltning AB and 9 per cent by the Municipality of Vimmerby.


Here stories come to life

Here in Astrid Lindgren’s World you’ll find Katthult, Villekulla Cottage, Matt’s Fort and Troublemaker Street for real. On the same land as Astrid’s father Samuel August once cultivated his farm on the leased vicarage Näs, you can now meet That Emil, Pippi Longstocking, Ronja the robber’s daughter and most of the others from Astrid Lindgren’s stories.
The aim of Astrid Lindgren’s World is for everything in the park to be true to her stories. With the help of a programme council consisting of Astrid Lindgren’s family and close friends, we bring the places, events, mood, songs, food, and antics and all the people Astrid Lindgren wrote about to life.



Astrid Lindgren once said: “If I have managed to brighten even one gloomy childhood, then I’m satisfied.”

At Astrid Lindgren’s World, we have therefore decided to work with a few organisations in different ways that support children and defend their rights in one way or another. For us, it is natural to be involved in and work on our striving to be just that – Astrid Lindgren’s World.

The organisations we support actively are Astrid Lindgren’s Children’s HospitalBRIS (Barnens rätt i samhället), My Special Day, Save the Children and SOS Children’s Villages where we help finance Astrid Lindgren’s children’s village in the Central African Republic. In the summer, we have the pleasure of meeting lots of children from Astrid Lindgren’s Children’s Hospital and My Special Day (Min Stora Dag) in the park, we have Vimmerby’s local Save the Children on location daily and sometimes the central organisation. Our involvement with SOS Children’s Villages continues in different ways. BRIS is another organisation we like to support.

At local level, we have chosen to support organisations/associations that work actively with children’s activities in the Municipality of Vimmerby.


Astrid Lindgren’s World’s Management

Managing Director:
Joacim Johansson


Head of Astrid Lindgren’s Näs:
Sofia Johnsson


Sales and Marketing Manager:
Lena Möller


Personnel Manager:
Linnéa Hindvik


Food and Drinks Manager:
Sara Hedblom


Financial Manager:
Per Sigvardsson


Development and Entertainment Manager:
Nicholas Lindström


Guest & accommodation manager:
Anna Lindén

Theatre Manager:
Vakant tjänst

Astrid Lindgren’s World’s Board

Chairperson of the Board:
Nils Nyman, Stockholm

Anders Lindgren, Stockholm
Mats Wedin, Gothenburg
Karin Mattsson-Weijber, Stockholm
Jacob Käll, Vimmerby
Annie Lööf, Stockholm