Serious about food

Astrid Lindgren’s World is now taking another stride forward in offering visitors a total experience based on the works of Astrid Lindgren and the cultural heritage being fostered by the park. Food is an important aspect of the total experience for us at Astrid Lindgren’s World. A few years ago we removed hamburgers and chips from our menus. We are now going a step further and replacing nearly all part-baked products with authentic, home-cooked Swedish fare made from locally produced ingredients.

In order to develop the food on offer in the park, Astrid Lindgren’s World has initiated a collaboration with award-winning chef and restaurateur at Långbro Värdshus, Fredrik Eriksson. Fredrik is a former chairman of the Chef of the Year Association, and has a host of gastronomic experiences and awards on his CV. He has been a member of the Swedish Culinary Team and has represented Sweden in the Bocuse d’Or world cooking championship, has won Sweden’s Chef of the Year and has twice been named Sweden’s Chef of Chefs. He has also been awarded the Swedish Gastronomic Academy’s gold medal, has been voted the Journalists’ Chef and has won the Guldfenan Svensk Fisk distinction.
Read more about Fredrik Eriksson and Långbro Värdshus.


We have now decided to prepare all our food from scratch, so it is only natural for us to source our produce locally. Partly because we want to offer visitors an authentic, healthy culinary experience, but also to support local trade and reduce food miles, which are a burden on the environment.