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Head season

June 10 - August 27
Opening hours 10.00-18.00 Our peak theatre programme is now playing and each day you can meet more than 60 of Astrid Lindgren’s beloved characters in the park, in the settings or on our stages. The daily programme contains several scenes from the books which are performed in the respective settings, a number of different performances… View Article


Is there as much theatre in the pre-season as there is later on in the summer?
During the peak season all the settings are in full swing with a complete theatre programme. In the pre-season you can meet Pippi and her friends and Emil and his family.

Do the theatre performances cost extra?
All theatre is included in the admission price, as is the visit to Seacrow Island.

Can I buy my entrance ticket online? 

Absolutely, we recommend you to do so to save time. If you choose to purchase your admission tickets online before your visit then you are able to go directly to our entrance gates and walk straight into the world of Astrid Lindgren. Click here to go to our web-admission where you can purchase your tickets. You can pay the tickets with a credit card and choose to get them as a PDF-ticket or SMS-ticket. Please remember that you must print your tickets before your visit to the park or to show them on a cellphone with internet access.

Are there buses from Vimmerby to Astrid Lindgren’s World, or how do I get there?
The easiest way is to walk to Astrid Lindgren’s World from Vimmerby town centre. There is a signposted path which takes around 10 minutes to walk. If you’re travelling to Vimmerby by train, you can disembark at our own station (called Astrid Lindgrens Värld).

Is there food available for people with (various) food allergies at breakfast, and in the restaurants?
We have several options available for people with allergies.  Obviously you can also ask staff at the various restaurants for more information.

We arrive by train at 10.00 and have booked accommodation. Where can we put our luggage until check-in at 15.30?
Please feel free to leave your luggage at Information just inside the entrance until you have access to your accommodation.

Can I return to my car and come back in without paying again?
Absolutely! Talk to our staff at Information by the entrance and they’ll be glad to help.

Is there wheelchair access everywhere in the park?
Virtually the entire park is accessible to wheelchair users. To see where you can access.

Are there carts to hire?
Yes, carts for pulling luggage and such are available to hire at Information, just by the entrance. Carts may run out on certain particularly busy days. You can also leave your luggage at Information.

Do you really need two days in the park to see and do everything?
Two days in the park will make for a more relaxed visit. On the first day you can wander round and get a general idea, and on the second you can take a closer look at the bits you liked the look of most. Please remember though that even two days will not be enough to see and do absolutely everything. During the peak season we put on more than 50 different performances every day.

We don’t arrive until 14.00 and the park closes at 18. Can we buy a half-day ticket?
Astrid Lindgren’s World only sells full-day tickets.

Are all the performances outdoors, and what happens if the weather’s bad?
All theatre performances are outdoors, and in the event of heavy rain they may be postponed until the weather improves, or may have to be cancelled on occasion. You can of course always meet the different characters at the appointed times. In persistent rain, the characters may move inside. Go to your nearest sales point to find out where the characters you want to meet have gone.

Are any of the performances translated to other languages, such as English?
All performances in the park are in Swedish. Most of the stories are familiar to the children so language is rarely an issue. Most of the performances also include music and singing, especially those on the Small Stage near The Tiny, Tiny Town. A few performances will be interpreted with Swedish sign language. See under The park for specific times.

Are there barbecues in the park and are they lit all day?
There are several barbecues in the park, see the map for locations. There is charcoal and lighting fluid by each barbecue so you can light it yourself.

Are dogs allowed in the park?
Yes, please feel free to bring dogs into the park, as long as you keep them on a lead and under supervision.

Are there microwaves anywhere in the park where we can heat up baby food?
There are microwave ovens for guests to use at several of our eateries.

Can we buy Annual Passes now and collect them when we come in June?
No, but you can buy Annual Passes now and have them mailed to your home – just send us photos and personal details.