Welcome to Astrid Lindgren’s Vimmerby in Småland!

Vimmerby is a creative municipality characterised by enterprising and trade, located in the northeastern part of Småland’s highlands. Geographically, it is a small municipality that spans at most about 55 km from corner to corner. The landscape around Vimmerby lives up to the picture of Småland as rich in forests, lakes, winding gravel roads, red cottages and barns. The municipality has just over 15,000 inhabitants. Of these, approx. 7,900 people live in the town itself.

It is not that long ago that the small town of Vimmerby celebrated its 400-year anniversary as a town – it regained its town charter in 1604 from the then king, Karl IX. Since then, the town has served as a marketplace where successful trade of different forms has and still is being carried on to this day.

In Vimmerby, much has remained the same yet is different since Astrid Lindgren was born and lived here…

Today, Vimmerby is a bit more than ‘a street and a backstreet’ (quote from the book ‘Kalle Blomkvist’). Vimmerby is now a lively small town with trade, culture and entertainment. The old town centre with Storgatan, Båtsmansbacken and the square is well worth a stroll. Next to the church, the park Källängsparken offers opportunities for play and activities.

Around Vimmerby there is Småland nature with forests, meadows and lakes to experience. In the summer, these lakes are, naturally, perfect for swimming, and River Stångån, which flows past, is an excellent canoe route.

Vimmerby has a living countryside. The community of Storebro is known for, among other things, its boat building. In Frödinge, the well-known and tasty cheesecake is made, and in Pelarne there is a really old-fashioned wooden church. The moose park in Tuna and Sweden in miniature in Södra Vi are also worth a visit. Just outside Vimmerby you’ll find Katthult and Bullerbyn where the films about ‘That Emil’ and the ‘Children of Noisy Village’ where shot. The town of Vimmerby also has a motocross museum as well as an indoor playland, and the family brewery Åbro offers guided tours to guests in the summer.

Astrid Lindgren was born in Vimmerby in 1907, and it was here in the alleys among the cobbled streets that Astrid Lindgren got the inspiration for many of her stories. Astrid Lindgren’s childhood home by the vicarage of Näs is just a ten-minute walk from the centre. As well as the vicarage and Astrid Lindgren’s childhood home, you can visit the gardens and the pavilion with the knowledge centre and see different exhibitions on, among other things, Astrid Lindgren.

Welcome to our and Astrid Lindgren’s Vimmerby!

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