The children on Troublemaker Street

Lotta lives with her mum, dad, older brother and older sister in a yellow house on Troublemaker Street. Aunt Berg lives next door, and that is just as well for Lotta, because she is an extremely stubborn and determined child. She is, in fact, so stubborn that she sometimes has to leave home and move in with Aunt Berg. But she always moves back again when her dad comes to tell her that mum is sad and that there will be meatballs for dinner.

The real name of the street is Potter’s Street, but Lotta’s dad renamed it. There may have been a potter living here in the past, but now there are only troublemakers, so he renamed it Troublemaker Street. If you have watched the films about Lotta, you will probably recognise Troublemaker Street. This is the film set from the making of the films in the early 1990s