Children of Noisy Village

Bullerbyn is a very small village, with only three farms and seven children. Lisa and her brothers, Lasse and Bosse, live at Mellangården farm, Olle and Kerstin live at Sörgården farm and Britta and Anna live at Norrgården. Adults also live in Bullerbyn, but in Astrid Lindgren’s World, just as in her books, Bullerbyn is a place for the children.

The books about the children of Bullerbyn are the stories of Astrid’s own childhood. She took the setting from her father’s childhood in the village of Sevedstorp. We have borrowed it from Astrid to create a place where children can play and be as noisy as they like, just as Astrid Lindgren did when she was a little girl. As she put it herself: “We played all the time. We played and played and played, and it is a miracle that we didn’t play ourselves to death!”.