Gammelgården’s Café

Opening hours:
closed in september.
Genuine, old-world café with sandwiches and pastries from the local town bakery. Also genuine Småland curd cake with cream and our own strawberry preserve.

The play barn

Large assortment of cakes and snacks as well as freshly brewed coffee in a playful and lovely environment for both young and old.

Seacrow Island Café

Opening hours:

Friday-Sunday, 10:00-17:00.
Sandwiches, filling salads, coffee, cakes and ice cream. Generous inside and outside seating.

Stadshotellet Ice Cream Café

Opening hours:
Friday, closed, Saturday-Sunday 10:30 am-17:00 pm.


You can smell the freshly baked wafers made at our new ice cream café as you approach Stadshotellet by the Tiny, Tiny Town.You can choose one, two or three scoops of genuine Swedish creamy ice cream or sorbet made from natural produce. We have a wide range of flavours and accompaniments served in a cone or tub. There are lots of tasty accompaniments, such as jam or berries according to the season, sweets from Mariannelund and our own home-made warm chocolate sauce. There is also meringues with whipped cream and chocolate sauce – enough to serve the whole family.

There is plenty of seating outside Stadshotellet. We also suggest you look into the glass pavilion where you can see when Mardie and her family and the housemaid Alva visit the County Governor’s charity ball. And if you listen carefully above the buzz you can hear the music that plays when the chimney sweep asks Alva for a waltz.

The ice cream menu includes vegan and allergy-friendly ice cream.