Daily programme in the park

Here we offer fantastic theatre experiences for young and old. All the performances are based on Astrid Lindgren’s stories, and many include singing, music and dancing as part of the story. Everything you can see on our stages during the day is included in the admission price.

We put on approx. 50 different performances every day in the park. In Katthult, Emil is up to mischief to his father Anton’s annoyance; in Villekulla Cottage, Kling and Klang try to catch Pippi Longstocking; and in Matt’s Fort, Ronja and Birk leap over the gorge Helvetesgapet. Scenes from the books are also performed in Junedale and Cherry Tree Valley, on Karlsson’s roof and wherever Rasmus is.

The daily programme will show you the times of the performances and when Pippi Longstocking, That Emil, Karlsson of the roof and the others are at home so they can meet our visitors.

The dailyprogram for the period 6 june – 26 august , in PDF-format.



Small stage

11.45    Sing along with Miss Prysselius

Miss Prysselius has arranged a singalong for all children and adults who want to join in and sing, and Kling and Klang have promised to come and help.


13.30   Mio, My Son. 

Bo Vilhelm Olsson, or Bosse as he’s called, sits on a park bench in Tegnérlunden. He doesn’t want to go home. Bosse wonders so much where his real father is. He has never met him. Then suddenly he sees a bottle, and in the bottle there is a genie who wants to come out. When Bosse lets the genie out, the genie takes him to the Island of Green Meadows where Bosse becomes Prince Mio and finally meets his father the King.


15.25 Simon Small

Bertil is home alone. He usually is when he waits for his mother and father to come home from the factory. He once had a sister – Martha – but she was dead now. It is so boring to be alone all day. Suddenly, when Bertil is at his most bored he hears a pitter-patter and sees a small boy, no bigger than a thumb, under the bed. It is Simon Small and he lives under Bertil’s floor.

Villekulla Cottage

Pippi Longstocking lives in an old dilapidated cottage on the outskirts of the Tiny Tiny Town. She is nine years old and lives there all by herself with her horse and her monkey.

10.30 – 12.30 Pippi is in Villekulla Cottage

11.30 Pippi Longstocking and the burglars

One day, two poor tramps called Dunder-Karlsson and Blom come by. They want to get their hands on Pippi’s holdall with all the gold coins she has been given by her father, but they don’t know that Pippi is in fact the strongest girl in the world!


12.15 Pippi Longstocking gets a visit from Miss Prysselius

Miss Prysselius has heard that there is a young girl who lives all by herself in a cottage in the town, and that is obviously not acceptable. So, she decides to pay Pippi a visit and take her to her children’s home so that Pippi can have some order, start school and learn the times tables, for example. But Pippi doesn’t agree at all that she needs to go to any children’s home.

14.00 – 16.30 Pippi is in Villekulla Cottage

14.15 Fabbe the Pirate’s Lass!

One day, Pippi receives a message in a bottle from her father. It says that his sailors have raised a mutiny and he is now being held prisoner by two unpleasant characters: Blood-Svente and Jocke with the Knife. They refuse to let him go if he doesn’t tell them where Pirate Fabbe’s treasure is hidden.


15.10 Pippi Longstocking gets a visit from the police

Miss Prysselius has asked the town’s police, constables Kling and Klang, to get Pippi from Villekulla Cottage so that the girl can finally go to the town’s children’s home. Young children can of course not live on their own, everyone knows that.


Take a seat and enjoy a performance of ”Emil in the soup tureen”, premiering 19th of May. In between performances you are welcome to stepdown from the spectator seats to meet Emil and his family. The question is what you will enjoy more; watch as Emil gets up to mischief or join him as he does?

Follow the instructions of our audience hosts to ensure that you and all our other guests have the best possible experience.

10.45 – 13.30 Emil is in Katthult

10.45 A catechetical meeting in Katthult

In the old days, there used to be catechetical meetings when the dean wanted to make sure that everyone in the parish knew their Bible stories properly. And today, there was going to be a catechetical meeting in Katthult


12.45 When Emil got his head stuck in the soup tureen

Today, there was meat broth for dinner in Katthult. Everyone liked it, especially Emil who put his whole head into tureen to get the last drop out. But then his head got stuck and the family had to go to the doctor in Mariannelund to get him out of the tureen.

15.00 – 16.45 Emil is in  Katthult

15.00 When Emil threw potato dumpling mix over his father

When Emil heard that there was a rat in the kitchen he decided to set a trap. But his father’s big toe wasn’t supposed to get caught in it! And when Emil wanted to make his father happy again and show him the nice potato dumpling mix that was going to become dinner – it wasn’t meant to go all over his father’s face.


16.25 The big feast in Katthult

It’s Christmas in Lönneberga. In the kitchen in Katthult, Krösa-Maja tells horrible stories about werewolves, and Emil decides to dig a wolf pit to try and catch one.

Cherry Tree Valley

Two of the places found in the books about the Brothers Lionheart are Wild Rose Valley and Cherry Tree Valley. They can also be found here at Astrid Lindgren’s World. Watch as we perform shorter scenes from the story about Crumpet and his older brother Jonatan on the grass next to the stone bridge, and get a chance to meet them in between performances.

Skorpan Lionheart is nine years old and knows he is going to die soon. He overheard his mum tell one of the ladies for whom she sews dresses. Jonathan is Skorpan’s big brother, and one day he tells Skorpan about Nangijala, where you go when your die. ‘There you get to have adventures from morning to night,’ says Jonathan. 

11.10 – 12.30 Brothers Lionheart in Cherry Tree Valley

11.15 My brother Jonatan

A terrible fire breaks out in the brothers’ flat, and Jonathan takes his brother on his back and jumps out of the second floor window. He saves Skorpan’s life but dies himself in the garden after the fall. Now Skorpan is just waiting to meet Jonathan again in Nangijala.


12.00 The journey from Cherry Tree Valley

Skorpan has come to his brother Jonathan in Cherry Tree Valley in Nangijala. There he meets Sofia and all her snow-white doves, Hubert – the hunter, and Jossi – the fun, kind innkeeper. ‘The time of stories and campfires’ as Jonathan had called the time in Nangijala.

Wild Rose Valley

The evil tyrant Tengil reigns in Wild Rose Valley, and he has built a wall around the valley and taken the people there prisoner. Sofia and Jonathan lead the secret fight for freedom and Sofia’s doves fly with messages across the mountains to Wild Rose Valley’s leader Orvar.

14.00 – 16.10 Brothers Lionheart in Wild Rose Valley

14.00 Reunion in Wild Rose Valley

Skorpan has been taken prisoner by two of Tengil’s soldiers in the mountains. He has lied and said that he lives with his grandfather in Wild Rose Valley so that he can get in with the help of the soldiers and maybe find his brother Jonathan who is hiding somewhere in the valley.


15.00 Towards Katla´s Cave

While there is a ban on leaving Wild Rose Valley, Jonathan digs away at the secret passage that will take him out of Wild Rose Valley. He has to rescue the freedom fighter Orvar, who is now being held prisoner in Katla’s Cave.

17.00-17.30 Brothers Lionheart in Wild Rose Valley

17.00 Day of the Fight #

The people of Wild Rose Valley are secretly preparing for the Day of the Battle when the valley will finally be liberated from the tyrant Tengil. Tengil and his soldiers are still looking for Jonathan Lionheart and are increasing their punishing of the people of Wild Rose Valley who are hiding him.
#The performance ‘Day of the fight’ contains scenes and effects that may be frightening. We have therefore decided to set a recommended minimum age of 9 years.

Matt´s fort

Experience a day in the life of the robbers at Matt’s Fort. During the day numerous scenes from the book Ronja the Robber’s Daughter are performed here; for example the one about the night Ronja was born and the fort split in half. In between performances you can step in and explore the fort, from the cellar dungeons to Noddle-Pete’s room in the tower.

11.00 – 12.10 Ronja in Matt’s Fort

11.00 Ronja’s birth

The night Ronja is born, there is thunder over the mountains. It is a storm, the like of which no one has seen, and, suddenly, lightning strikes the ancient Matt’s Fort and splits it in two, creating a real hell’s gorge between the two halves.


11.45 Ronja meets Birk

Long before living memory, Borka’s and Matt’s robbers fell foul of each other. What Matt didn’t know was that on that same stormy night as Ronja was born, Birk was also born – the son of Borka and Undis. And one day when Ronja gets up, as usual taking care not to fall into Hell’s Gorge, he is sitting there, Birk Borkason.

13.45 – 16.15 Ronja in Matt’s Fort

13.45 Winter in Matt´s forest

Winter comes to Matt’s Fort and Matt’s Forest. The robbers have their winter bath and lice combing, and Ronja sets off into the forest on her skis. But in her hurry, she loses her ski and gets her foot stuck in a forest gnome hole.


14.50 Wild animal encounter!

Long before living memory, Borka’s and Matt’s robbers became arch-enemies, and since Borka moved into the inaccessible northern part of the fort without permission to get away from the soldiers, Matt had devoted his days and nights to thinking about how he could kick out Borka and his gang.

På Junibacken spelas

Mardie lives in the red house down by the river. Her mum, dad and baby sister Lisabet also live there. And then Alva, of course, she is the nanny and the kindest person ever. Abbe, Mardie’s best friend, lives in the house next door, which is called Lugnet.

11.00 – 13.00 Mardie in Junedale

11.00 A summer’s day with lice

Today, Mardie’s first summer holidays have started.  Alva discovers that Mardie has got lice and has to start some real delousing with sabadilla vinegar.


12.15 My son the flying baron

There has been an air show in the small town and Mardie made sure that Abbe got to fly, and now Mr Nilsson is extremely proud. One evening when he has been to the pub Trill-in and tells everyone who wants to hear about ‘my son, the flying baron’.

Träffa Rasmus

Rasmus and Paradis-Oskar walks around in Astrid Lindgren’s World and may pop up virtually anywhere. The best place to meet them is at Rasmus’ barn, where anyone can have a go at playing in the hay in the hay loft.

11.00 – 13.30 Rasmus and Paradis-Oskar walks around in Astrid Lindgren’s World

11.15 Rasmus meets ‘God´s best friend’

Rasmus and Paradis-Oskar tell the story of when they first met. Rasmus had run away from the children’s home Västerhaga and hit the road to find himself new parents. Gunnar had said that everyone only wanted girls with curly hair, but there must be someone who would consider a boy with straight and untidy hair?


12.30 Rasmus sings with the tramp orchestra

Rasmus has joined Paradis-Oskar while he looks for a mother and father for himself, and they walk along the roads together and sing little tunes for some money or a bit of food.

13.00 Rasmus gets a home

The orphan boy Rasmus has joined the tramp Paradis-Oskar while he searches for a mother and father of his own. On their continued walk, they finally reach a small house that Oskar seems to recognise. There is a woman hanging out the washing, and Oskar seems to recognise her too. But she doesn’t look happy….

Karlsson on the roof

Theatre performances at Karlsson on the Roof’s begin 19 May. Take a peek into the kitchen in Vasastan, where you’ll find Karlsson and Lillebror up to mischief. In between performances you can meet them all, ”tirritate” people and zoom down the slide.

10.45 – 12.50 Karlsson is in Vasastan.

12.25 Karlsson’s bun tirritation.

Lillebror’s mother and father have gone away, and Miss Bock has come to take care of Lillebror. Today, she has baked buns, but Lillebror isn’t allowed to taste, “snacks spoil the appetite,” says Miss Bock, or ‘the house borer’ as Lillebror calls her. It’s lucky then that Karlsson on the Roof is the world’s best ‘tamer of house borers’! He starts by ‘tirritating’ her properly, by haunting the place.

15.40 – 16.40 Karlsson is in Vasastan. 

16.30 Karlsson introduces uncle Julius to the world of fairy tales.

Uncle Julius, who is Lillebror’s relative, has come to town to visit his doctor, and he is staying with Lillebror and Miss Bock while he is there. The ‘house borer’ has commanded peace and quiet but, as usual, Karlsson is ready for a bit of fun.


17.15 Karlsson’s bun tirritation.